Burnkane - You Know (12")
This is a new 12 from Washington DC~Rs Burnkane, a new signing and a new artist morphing the Dubstep template beyond recognition.
7.50 EUR  
Eero Johannes - Eero Johannes (CD)
CD version, finnish skweee producer Eero Johannes debuts on Planet µ
16.50 EUR  
Falty DL - Endeavour (12")
Back in stock! Following the 'Phreqaflex EP', where Falty DL mined 2-Step Garage for inspiration, is this beautifully crafted and subtly put together slow motion house EP called 'Endeavour'.
8.00 EUR  
Jega - Variance (Volumes 1 & 2) (2x12")
Back in stock! Described as the Stanley Kubrick of electronic music, having not released an album in 9 years, Manchester’s Dylan Nathan a.k.a. Jega is finally set to release his brand new album 'Variance'!
19.50 EUR  
Jo Apps - Kausikan (7")
Jo Apps has been in our lives for years.
7.75 EUR  
Terror Danjah - Gremlinz (Instrumentals) (3x12")
Terror Danjah isn’t a household name, he’s not as well known as Wiley or Dizzee Rascal...
19.00 EUR