Bad Matter/Cycom - Jazzthing/Rude Bwoy Rmx (12")
2 strong track from Leipzigs ...
6.50 EUR  
Hexer / Kodama - Back to Business (12")
Back in stock! Next strike on the Alphacut label... limited copies only, you know what to do!
7.95 EUR  
Karl Marx Stadt / Slepcy - Super Seekers (7")
Brandnew split release between Alphacute and Hirntrust Grind Media, ltd.300, purple vinyl
5.50 EUR  
Line 47 / BOP / Throttler / Mendelayev - Thousand year descent into Ruffness (12")
Alphacut 008 features not less than 4 artists! Multi-genre, far-out-D&B, whatever you may call it.
7.00 EUR  
LXXXC / TLIC - Three Four Bit Bits / Reflect (7")
Sounds like: Plastic Gameboy IDM vs Hippie Industrial!
5.50 EUR  
MZE / Martsman / Napals - Blut / Jump Funk (12")
Here it comes... the latest Alphacut vinyl (on white vinyl). Already being played at BBC Radio1
6.50 EUR  
MZE / Unquote - Taorrizm / Ugly Face Of War (12")
Next in their limited series of 100 copies per release! MZE is back in business once again...
7.50 EUR  
Randomer / Paranoid Society - Down In The Woods (12")
Back in stock! Engine, engine, number nine. Back on the track, Alphacut proudly present two A-sides pushing a retro futuristic issue with all its ambivalences
7.00 EUR  
V.A. - Pink Ponies vs Blue Bytes (7")
From console gabba to blueskoolbreaks. Next strike on the Alphacut sister label.
5.00 EUR  
V.A. - The Whereabouts of 97 (7")
Breakcore compilation on coloured vinyl incl music from Amboss, CPUWar, Mimaku Spldat, Nalpas and Drop The Lime (Karl Marx Stadt Rmx)
5.00 EUR