A Made Up Sound - Shortcuts (CD)
'Shortcuts' is a killer set of twenty concise tracks comprising breaks, squelchy bass lines and jazzy synth lines.
14.50 EUR  
A034 - Unrecoverable Clusters (12")
From Dubcore to Drill Breakcore this EP explores various kinds of new electronic
8.00 EUR  
Abstrakt Knights / fiat600 - Split EP (12")
1 of 2 fine releases from UK's Erratica imprint in the vein of early Funkstoerung/Musik Aus Strom
8.00 EUR  
Abzolut - Rub disturbly on this (7")
Two tracks & one outro make up this seven inch.
6.90 EUR  
ADCSomatic - Sincromath (12")
Hell yes! ADC and Somatic Responses
7.80 EUR  
Amen Orchestra - 17 Waves (CD)
Guess what? You will see how far the boundaries of creativity can be expanded
13.50 EUR  
Antigen Shift - Next to departed (CD)
New EP for Frozen Empire Media
11.50 EUR  
Binray - Hyena Ventilator (CD)
UKs Binray with a blending mix
13.00 EUR  
Bloke - Experiments In Aesthetics (CD)
Hailing from Israel ... this is kinda electro like IDM. Huh?
9.95 EUR  
Bob Humid - Second Wind Phenomenon (2x12")
13.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Second Wind Phenomenon (CD)
CD version finally in stock incl. Video!!!
12.50 EUR  
Bob Humid CD Special - Twisted Repairs, Despairs and SWP (3CD)
So thats an offer right?
33.00 EUR  
Bruno Belluomini / Ipiki Ookami - Gent - Sao Paulo EP (12")
Back in! New label "Unity" bringing electro and dubstep together
8.00 EUR  
Christian Bjoerklund - The Lost Tracks (CD)
Swedish producer Christian Bjoerklund with his first ever album, a soundtrack for a videogame that wasnt released so far!
7.00 EUR  
Clay, Trauma Team, Elchi - Adapter EP (12")
Adapter is a collective from Eindhoven NL trying to brige the impossible gap between art and electronic music... and just right now they've put together their Adapter 12"
8.00 EUR  
Com.A - My Way (Singles/Remixes collection) (CD)
Excellent CD collection
14.50 EUR  
Coti - La Gru Gialla (12")
Abstract electronica with industrial influences
7.50 EUR  
Datach'i - 10110101=(Rec+Play) (CD)
Datach's debut album
12.50 EUR  
Datach'i - The Elements (3x12")
Suppose you traded in your apartment, your laptop ...
18.00 EUR  
Dee Work - Under Dev (12")
Back in stock! Experimental electronics
8.00 EUR  
Detritus - Origin (CD)
Back in stock!! Detritus’s second album, "Origin",
12.50 EUR  
Diskore - Darkmatter Mix 2 (CD)
Diskore mixes his favourites
8.90 EUR  
Dither - Amek (CD)
one more Dither release
12.50 EUR  
Dr.Phibes - And his clockwork orchestra (CD)
+/-G6PD records presenting Dr.Phibes and his clockwork orchestra.
10.95 EUR  
Dublo/Albano - Commo EP (12")
Wicked Drill 'n Beats/Electronica
7.00 EUR  
E.Stonji - Con.trst (12")
Binary Dilemma is a US based label kickin' it off with this excellent 1st release by E.Stonji. Incl. remixes by Nautilis & Funckarma!!
8.50 EUR  
E.Stonji - Particles EP (12")
Back in stock!
6.50 EUR  
Echorausch - Voxxx Series A.3 (12")
Brandnew Ventilator release. From rhythmic-melancholic to experimental sound structures
7.50 EUR  
Eero Johannes - Eero Johannes (CD)
CD version, finnish skweee producer Eero Johannes debuts on Planet µ
16.50 EUR  
Eight Frozen Modules - Rejected Resident EP (12")
Mighty new 12” from Ken Gibson ...
7.50 EUR  
Einóma - Tvenna EP (12")
After three years of silence and six years since the highly acclaimed "Milli Tonverka" LP, Reykjavik´s Einoma return with a highly beat-driven and epic two track EP.
8.50 EUR  
Enzym - ABV/Re:besonderstrocken (7")
2 older tunes exclusively released ...
4.00 EUR  
Enzym - Fleischgericht (CD)
First ever ENZYM full length
5.00 EUR  
Enzym - Schrank EP (12")
Pretaster to forthcoming Enzym full length
5.00 EUR  
Enzym / Moogulator - Split EP (12")
Back in stock! Great new split EP from Enzym and Moogulator on Aentitainment. Intricate and eclectic, serious and pretty much heavy experimental music, Enzym is a master over his machines...
8.50 EUR  
Escape Now! - St.Anorak (12")
St.Anorak is a 5 track EP with a constant flow from one track to another
5.00 EUR  
Etschaberry - Annuit Coeptis (12")
Back in stock!
7.80 EUR  
Exillon - It's Ok To Dance (CD)
Exillon brings acid to IDM, speeds things up several notch, and bombs the dance floor with a high energy, unmissable album of catchy twisted club tunes.
12.50 EUR  
Felipe and Forté - Eke Out (CD)
Popular & acclaimed fringe electronic musicians, Nick Forté and Dino Felipe team up yet again for "Eke Out"
12.50 EUR  
Filaria - Bruce Lee Perry (12")
Time for the irish division... David Baxter debuts with his Filaria project (last seen on Bugklinik in 2007).
7.00 EUR  
Filaria - Dib Dab Dub EP (12")
Back in stock! Just right to start into the new year comes the latest Bug Klinik release ...
8.00 EUR  
Fool - Drama Remixes (12")
On the buttons: Rustie, Chris De Luca v Phon.O, Name & Relucto.
8.50 EUR  
Fractional - Come Mierda (12")
Broken electronics from Fractional incl. Rmx's by DJ Hidden & CDatakill
7.50 EUR  
Geroyche - Voxxx Series A.1 (12")
Brandnew 2nd solo EP
7.70 EUR  
Gridlock/Steel - Connected #4 (12")
#4 connects Gridlock (San Francisco) and Martin Damm (Biochip C/Speedfreak)
7.70 EUR  
Group Niob - Vector / Amber (12")
Back in stock! Group Niob the collaborative work of both Phlox label heads Gerhard Potuznik and Martin Sovinz.
8.50 EUR  
Hasler & Inami - Transmit (CD)
File under "Electronica / Ambient"
13.00 EUR  
Hearin' Aid prs. D-Frost Beats - Data Bwoy (12")
Back in stock! Data-Bwoy is the solo project of Hearin' Aid's Damon Frost (aka D-Frost Beats).
8.50 EUR  
Himuro - Mild Fantasy Violence CD (CD)
Funky beats and an intense atmosphere
13.00 EUR  
HP. Stonji - Metic EP (12")
Back in stock!
8.00 EUR  
HP.Stonji - Melaine Chole Remixes (12")
Finally back in stock again!!!
7.50 EUR  
Hudson Mohawke - Polyfolk Dance (12")
Back in stock! After only releasing a handful of productions and painstakingly hard-to- find vinyl releases in the last few years, Hudson Mohawke has managed to become a much talked about producer.
9.50 EUR  
Jakin Boaz - Metafour EP (12")
Back in stock! Already started in 2007, Leipzig's Spunky Monkey now offers their first vinyl release, a 4 track EP by Jakin Boaz.
7.00 EUR  
Jega - Variance (Volumes 1 & 2) (2x12")
Back in stock! Described as the Stanley Kubrick of electronic music, having not released an album in 9 years, Manchester’s Dylan Nathan a.k.a. Jega is finally set to release his brand new album 'Variance'!
19.50 EUR  
Karl Marx Stadt / Slepcy - Super Seekers (7")
Brandnew split release between Alphacute and Hirntrust Grind Media, ltd.300, purple vinyl
5.50 EUR  
Karsten Pflum - Fuck Music, Easy (12")
Final copies of the brandnew Bohnerwachs release landed!!
6.50 EUR  
Karsten Pflum - God / Fly (7")
This ultra limited single was originally included as a bonus to the vinyl version of the Idhax album.
6.75 EUR  
Kiki/Ill & ConBrio - Kiki/Ill & ConBrio (CD)
Welcome to the first release from the Kraked sound system.
12.50 EUR  
Kingsize Cone - Live at Jardin Moderne (CD)
One half of Rotator, this CD holds a Liveperformance and a mix
9.80 EUR  
Komori - Ramen Girl (CD)
Back in stock! After the well received appearances ...
13.50 EUR  
Lapsed - Lapsed (CD)
Back in stock! Lapsed presents a second album
12.50 EUR  
LXXXC / TLIC - Three Four Bit Bits / Reflect (7")
Sounds like: Plastic Gameboy IDM vs Hippie Industrial!
5.50 EUR  
Machine Drum - Mergerz and Acquisitionz (2CD)
Heavy remix double pack!
17.50 EUR  
Mad EP vs RA - UltraFood (12")
"Ultrafood" is the new audio creation of Mad EP and Ra
6.50 EUR  
Meaning of Nonsense - Summer Snow EP (12")
Naoto Suzuki (Tokio) delivered a stunning electronica release.
5.00 EUR  
Mearsk, Seegee, Modules, Deng Zero - Split EP (12")
LOMEK 003 is the second and third installment in the LOMEK series
8.00 EUR  
Megadebt - Misadventures in Global Domination (12")
This, dear friends, is the first installment in the Beta Bodega Coalition's "Rise and Defeat" onslaught.
9.00 EUR  
Mesak - School of Mesak (12")
Back in stock! Brand new release on Harmönia after the highly recommended International Skweee Vol.2 compilation from december 2009 (HRMN-10).
14.00 EUR  
Moogulator - The Digital Anatomist Project (CD)
Fans of Autechre, Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares or Aphex Twin might like this one as it shows the diversity of the electronic music genre.
12.50 EUR  
Morbus M. / Exocet - Don't Trust Your Eyes EP (12")
On the third release of Spunky Monkey Records Morbus M. forms an acoustic journey...
7.50 EUR  
Mr.76ix - Spirit of Man (12")
Back in stock!
8.95 EUR  
Mr.Incognito - Mr.Incognito (12")
A new label of Dresdens electronic community
7.70 EUR  
Myrza - All You Can Eat (10")
"regular cookies out-of-the-box are nice, of course, but it can get so much better. cookies dipped in hot chocolate, milk or soya vanilla-milk for instance...
8.50 EUR  
Mystery Artist - Gwane Mone (12")
Abstract mentalism from the Lowlands!
8.00 EUR  
Naono - Ati Pol (12")
Atmospheric downtempo Electronica
7.50 EUR  
Nebulo - Avutma (CD)
"Avutma" is the latest release by Nebulo after the album "Kolia"
12.50 EUR  
Noize Creator - Something Bad (2CD)
2CD release with a first flashback on the AU backcatalogue ...
13.85 EUR  
Norbert Weedloaf - Hijo De La Lune (12")
Crazy electronics...
8.50 EUR  
Not Breathing - Minotaur EP (12")
Back in stock! Half bull, half man, Not Breathing's Dave Wright ...
5.00 EUR  
Osymyso - Rabbit to rabbit (10")
Typical Osymyso mashup style...
8.50 EUR  
Poborsk - Droid Topiary Frame (12")
New french electronica imprint...
8.50 EUR  
Qebo - Flopper (12")
Abstract but nice DSP electronica
12.50 EUR  
Random Bit Generator & Coco Lowres - Full Fat Semi-Hard Cheese (7")
Out of nowhere comes this full fat semi-hard cheese fun 7inch, a split release on Alphacute and Suburban Trash. 8bit Gabba on blue vinyl!
5.00 EUR  
Robag Wruhme - The Lost Archive 1998-2007 (12")
Excellent new release on Musik Krause by 1 former member of Beefcake
7.80 EUR  
Rusuden - Formulae (CD)
Rusuden's debut CD on Sonic Terror
13.50 EUR  
Rusuden - Formulae Remixes (CD)
Since Formulaes debut full length
13.50 EUR  
Rusuden - Warm Human Antennae (CD)
This is Rusuden's debut album
12.50 EUR  
Seep/Smudge - Drag And Drop (7")
This starts where Rolax4501 ended ...
6.50 EUR  
Simmonds & Vibert - Rodulate (3x12")
Back in stock! An album previously-unheard material from the Rephlex archives, produced by two of the label’s favourite artists, both Cornishmen.
22.50 EUR  
Slepcy - We are the newest battle models (CD)
Poland's Slepcy make music that is heavy on melody ...
13.50 EUR  
Solotempo - Egoist (12")
Solotempo are Jean-Claude Langensand and André Senn, two of the original Spezial Material lineup that garnered such an instant reaction on the label's launch some years back.
8.00 EUR  
Soplerfo - EP for dogs (12")
incl Hrvatski remix
8.00 EUR  
Spyweirdos, Mourjopoulos and Floridis - Epistrophy At Utopia (CD)
Bridging sharp modern electronic music and attractive, human live jazz instrumentation into one very coherent album
12.50 EUR  
Subjex - Karma Kermess (12")
New Subjex on Miami based Somia label
11.00 EUR  
Subjex - Supersonic Mezze (12")
Back in stock! Excellent Subjex release
8.00 EUR  
Sunao Inami - Repeater (CD)
The synthie wizard Sunao Inami (JP) here
10.95 EUR  
Sunao Inami - Use Up and Empty (CD)
Sunao Inami's 4th full solo album comes from his own label, Electr-ohm.
12.50 EUR  
System - B (12")
Back in stock! System are Denmark's longest surviving electronic 'super group'.
14.50 EUR  
Tetrix - Tetrix EP (12")
The future is now!
9.00 EUR  
The Flashbulb - Red Extensions of me (CD)
CD version
7.00 EUR  
The Flashbulb - These Open Fields 2nd Edition (CD)
Originally released on Alphabasic
7.00 EUR  
The Gasman - Multiplex (CD)
A new hope? Yes, its a new Gasman album
12.50 EUR  
Thee Vaporizer - Matkoe Shamoe EP (12")
Thee Vaporizer (BE) released with JetLag, Robo and ZOD before
7.50 EUR  
Thee Vaporizer - R3C4LC1TR4NZ (2x12")
before he released on Leipzigs Phantomnoise
7.50 EUR  
Thomas Korber & Kazuya Ishigami - Mistakes (CD)
Former collaborator with Sunao Inami (Electr-Ohm) and labelboss Kazuya Ishigami
13.00 EUR  
Tim Exile & Disciple Grin - The Fifth Paper (12")
Ltd whitelabel copies back in stock! Excellent electronic / breaks compositions from both artists here
8.50 EUR  
Totakeke - At the train station on a saturday evening (CD)
Totakeke return to FEM with a brand new full length
12.50 EUR  
TVO - The Dark Is Rising (12")
Back in stock! Brand new release from Marcia Blaine member, The Village Orchestra.
8.50 EUR  
Unit - Hello My Name Is (CD)
4 track CD digipack ...
9.50 EUR  
Unit - I came here to tell you how its going to begin (CD)
Back in stock! Finally after 4 years comes the new UNIT full length
13.50 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (2x12")
Essential electronica release for the first time on vinyl ...
8.00 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (CD)
Back in stock!! "Revealing songs textured ...
12.50 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony/Hello My Name Is (3x12")
Limited edition repress of Bowa16 triple vinyl!!
12.50 EUR  
Unknown - Just Don't (12")
Back in stock!
8.00 EUR  
Unknown - Weevil Series #3: Adult (12")
Last and final part in the excellent Weevil Series... 3 tracks...
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - A Monumental Struggle of Good vs. Evil (CD)
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Airplanes Are Safe (12")
Back in stock! New belgian label BLIND RECORDS with an excellent compilation...
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Bee! (CD)
Very nice electronica compilation
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Crash Redevelopment (CD)
New Yorks Co.Ad.Audio label with a superb start
13.00 EUR  
V.A. - Dark Blonde, Died Black EP (7")
Back in stock! A premium selection of electronic blues, powerrave, jungletekkno and original vocal house.
5.00 EUR  
V.A. - Geometry (2x12")
Back in stock! It's been a while, since we've heard anything from the Touchin' Bass camp, but hopefully this nine track compilation of various artists will make up for the wait.
17.50 EUR  
V.A. - How Good the World could be again Remixes (12")
Mini Remix compilation
8.95 EUR  
V.A. - Invasion from xXx dimension (CD)
Impressive, maniac and wild, a deadly virus is released. CD
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Lush Distractions (CD)
Great electronica compilation with Funckarma, Rawakari, Lester Lewitt ...
12.00 EUR  
V.A. - Notochord: Sound - Impulse - Synapse (CD)
This very first release on the brandnew dutch NOTOCHORD label
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Polymorphik Piece I/III (12")
In a series of 3, Polymorphik ...
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Polymorphik Piece II/III (12")
2nd installment in the Polymorphik series
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Polymorphik Piece III/III Remixes (12")
Final installment and Remixalbum
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Ruis Voor Thuis / Iets Met Biets (2CD)
Lots of names here on Lomechanik's brandnew double CD feature.
14.50 EUR  
V.A. - Systemic Audio Compilation (CD)
Contained herein are 15 tracks of the finest
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Tail Wagging Music (2x12")
New belgian imprint ft. music from Kadah/Vresky, Animals On Wheels, Nautilis, Supercilious, Yorgl, Norbert Weedloaf and many more...
16.50 EUR  
V.A. - The 7 Seals of Suburban City (CD)
Collaboration release between Sleepy City and Suburban Trash
4.00 EUR  
V.A. - The Limpet (12")
Tracks from Boxcutter, Funckarma, Hermutt Lobby and Kadah/Vresky - expect a mayhem of beats, energy and reference to contemporary genre without falling victim to it.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Voxxx Series A (12")
Voxxxx Series A will consist of this 12" and 5 forthcoming EPs.
7.70 EUR  
V.A. - We Are Bug (CD)
Italian electronica and much more.
9.80 EUR  
V.A. - Wigflex EP 2 (12")
The Wigflex ethos is essentially “keep it unpredictable (and fun)”, with a soundtrack ranging from dubstep, tech house and techno to bleep hop, wonky bumps and, well, pretty much anything else.
8.50 EUR  
VD Inc, Tubish, TokTek, DJ Jorg - Split EP (12")
The last two chapters in the LOMEK series take you to some very strange places indeed...
8.00 EUR  
Velapene Screen - Medical Breaths (CD)
Following last years very well received EP "Velatision" on the label
12.50 EUR  
Velapene Screen - Velatision (CD)
CD EP on New Yorks Co.Ad.Audio label
9.50 EUR  
Vendor Refill - Sys.req EP (12")
Back in stock!
8.50 EUR  
Vorpal - Disgressions (CD)
"Disgressions" is the follow up to Vorpal's debut "An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music" (Cock Rock Disco).
12.50 EUR  
Wack Satellite/Virtual Jerk - Plug And Play (7")
Electronic disco!
6.50 EUR  
White Liqueur - Komori/Toyz R Me Remixes (7")
A ltd edition white 7" (bit expensive though)
7.25 EUR