Abzolut - Rub disturbly on this (7")
Two tracks & one outro make up this seven inch.
6.90 EUR  
Adjust - Release The Sharks (12")
Back in stock! Release The Sharks is a four tracker of abusive speaker therapy constructed in the spirit of recreational headbanging most would call haptic technology for heshers.
7.50 EUR  
Ambassador21 - Akcija V1.1 (2x12")
Awesome Remixalbum!
14.00 EUR  
Amboss - Kompressorwahn / Avenida Paulista (12")
Super heavy new release from Amboss and his second one for Sub/Version!
7.50 EUR  
Amboss - Nitro / Razor Pleasure (12")
Ltd copies back in stock! At last: Amboss hits the shelves with 2 heavy tracks on the fine Sub/Version label
8.00 EUR  
Amen Orchestra - 17 Waves (CD)
Guess what? You will see how far the boundaries of creativity can be expanded
13.50 EUR  
Ashtar DXD - Bang, Bang, Bang Da Moneymachine (12")
Ashtar DXD's latest release brings some painful Breakcore. The boys are absolutely mashin' it... check! Also incl. their fine remix for punk band Todi.
7.50 EUR  
Ashtar DXD - Tod der Traeume (12")
Brutal amenterror from the Ashtar-DXD project
7.50 EUR  
Ashtar DXD / Noize Punishment - Split EP (12")
Back in stock! Real f***** terror breaks in yer face!
7.50 EUR  
Bambam Babylon Bajasch - Heartbrokehotel (7")
Split 7" on Basspräsidium between Bambam Babylon Bajasch and Diskordian Disko!
6.50 EUR  
Base Force One - Dynamite&Fire (12")
Mainly written between 2000 and 2004
7.80 EUR  
Base Force One - Expenditure Of Excess Energy (12")
Hard Drum 'n Bass from the very depths ...
7.80 EUR  
Big Joan - The Flood (12")
"The Flood" is a collaboration between Bristol-based DIY rhythm fiends Big Joan and a bunch of lunatics ...
5.00 EUR  
Bigfootz - Schlachthauz EP (12")
Now it gets dirty! 4 tunes of pure destruction and mangled amen breaks... underground style with its lowfi production. Bang!
7.50 EUR  
Binray - Hyena Ventilator (CD)
UKs Binray with a blending mix
13.00 EUR  
Bombardier - SYN Remixes (12")
Back in! Remixed by CDatakill,CdB,Eye-D and Adjust
8.00 EUR  
Bong-Ra - Vitus Blister (12")
Back in stock! Vitus Blister marks a return to truly malevolent sonics, for both label and artist alike.
7.50 EUR  
Crisis Theory - Vertigo (12")
Crisis Theory is: Hecate+Base Force One
7.80 EUR  
Datach'i - The Elements (3x12")
Suppose you traded in your apartment, your laptop ...
18.00 EUR  
Datacide 10 - Datacide 10 (Merch)
Back in stock! With 56 pages the biggest Datacide so far, it's full of features and reviews.
3.00 EUR  
Davros / Fanny - Split EP (12")
Here it is... Noizetek release 03
7.00 EUR  
Deathstorm - Bringers of the Apocalypse (7")
Bong-Ra and Marusosa come together to bleed the lines of electronic grind, noise & the end of humanity.
6.00 EUR  
Detest - Hi-8 Adventures (12")
Mr Detest comes correct on Peace Off's evil hardcore imprint Bang-A-Rang.
7.50 EUR  
Dev/Null - Lazer Trash (CD)
It took 3 years to record this album and an additional year to be released - but to make a long story short: it's worth the wait.
12.50 EUR  
Diskore - Darkmatter Mix 2 (CD)
Diskore mixes his favourites
8.90 EUR  
Dj Balli - From The Inside (12")
A collection of breaks, loops, weird noises ...
7.80 EUR  
DJ Balli - Straight-Edge Rastafari Manifesto (12")
What??? A Rastafari painting crosses on his hands!!!
7.80 EUR  
Droon - Gluttons vs Bingers (12")
Belgian styled Hard- and Breakcore tunes
8.00 EUR  
Ebola - Subsonic Armpit Mutilation (12")
Back in! 6 mutilated Breakcore anthems!
8.00 EUR  
Electromeca - Brutal Funk EP (12")
Back in stock! Since he discovered that FM-radio could sound way much better through his SP202, Electromeca didn't stop to cut-crush-distort-chop-chew-spit- reconstruct fat & dirty beats with a delicious guilty pleasure.
8.00 EUR  
Eustachien - Mngwa (7")
Grind-Thrash'n'Metal-Aggression from California.
6.00 EUR  
Fanny - Fear&Loathing in Las Vegas (CD)
Fanny's first full length ever
12.50 EUR  
Fanny - Revelry&Decadence as the right of slaves (CD)
2nd Fanny CD on Mirex
12.50 EUR  
Hecate - Ascension Chamber (2x12")
Hecate's Ascension Chamber back in stock
14.00 EUR  
Hecate - Hate Cats (12")
More Hecate solo material on PRAXIS
7.80 EUR  
Hecate - Massacre of All Identifiable Replicas (12")
strictly ltd. edition of one of Hecate's most intense records
10.00 EUR  
Hecq & Exillon - Spheres of Fury (12")
Original version plus remixes from Duran x3, The Teknoist and Techdiff! Heavy!! First release on Contortion Recordings (as owned by Hecq).
8.75 EUR  
HP.Stonji - Melaine Chole Remixes (12")
Finally back in stock again!!!
7.50 EUR  
Illusionconsumer - Cleared Another... (7")
Brandnew release on the Zero71 label, 2 fine tracks of chopped and f*cked up electronics / breakcore pressed onto blue vinyl.
6.00 EUR  
Istari Lasterfahrer - The System Works Because You Work (2x12")
Back in stock! Its the 10th anniversary for SPB this year, so here is the first real album from Istari Lasterfahrer - headhoncho behind the SPB label.
16.00 EUR  
Karl Marx Stadt / Slepcy - Super Seekers (7")
Brandnew split release between Alphacute and Hirntrust Grind Media, ltd.300, purple vinyl
5.50 EUR  
Kiki/Ill & ConBrio - Kiki/Ill & ConBrio (CD)
Welcome to the first release from the Kraked sound system.
12.50 EUR  
Kill-Joy Vs Main$treaM - Its Incredibly Retail EP (12")
Australian Breakcore massive
8.50 EUR  
Kingsize Cone - Live at Jardin Moderne (CD)
One half of Rotator, this CD holds a Liveperformance and a mix
9.80 EUR  
Kovert - Jaffna Pt.1+2 (12")
Back in stock! 2 hard techsteppers on SubVersion!
7.50 EUR  
Kovert - Wild Fire EP (12")
Vinyl Weaponry
7.80 EUR  
Kowareta Hyoushi - Mangel an Talent (12")
What has this to do with Japan?
7.00 EUR  
Le Jad - Painful Epic EP (12")
Watch Out Kids, another new signing to the stellar Hurry Up Limited roster, Le Jad hits the electronica big time with his debut release for Peace Off!
7.50 EUR  
LXC - The rise of LXC (CD)
Recently added to the cat, Trash Tapes 037
8.00 EUR  
Megadebt - Misadventures in Global Domination (12")
This, dear friends, is the first installment in the Beta Bodega Coalition's "Rise and Defeat" onslaught.
9.00 EUR  
Mindtrick Records T-Shirt - Size L, Black (Merch)
Mindtrick T-Shirt, Black Shirt, white/red print, Size L
15.00 EUR  
Mindtrick Records T-Shirt - Size L, Grey (Merch)
Mindtrick T-Shirt, Grey Shirt, white/red print, Size L
15.00 EUR  
Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Earth Eaters (2x12")
Ltd. gatefold edition! Also includes link to download 27 lossless-quality remixes of 'Earth Eaters' by Electromeca, Sickboy, Cursor Minor, Parasite, End, Toxic Lipstick & Ove-Naxx, Berserker and many more.
15.50 EUR  
Noize Creator - 12 Long Hours / Part of the Dead (12")
Surprinsingly here's the next addition to the 'Trilogy of the Dead' as announced with the release of AU08 a few years back...
7.00 EUR  
Noize Creator - Dying World (12")
... we came here from a dying world ...
7.00 EUR  
Noize Creator - Poisoned Songs Volume One (CD)
Back in stock! The japanese Teikoku Records
13.00 EUR  
Noize Creator - Something Bad (2CD)
2CD release with a first flashback on the AU backcatalogue ...
13.85 EUR  
Noize Creator - The Age of the Machine (2CD)
Back in stock! Ltd. CD/DVD presenting the infamous "Age of the Machine" liveset ...
16.50 EUR  
Otto von Schirach - Spine Serpents from Sperm Island (CD)
Back in stock, last copies! That's just sick! And not only the music... Palm Tree Snuff brings Otto's "Spine Serpents..." album
18.00 EUR  
Pik1 - Normandy Breaks (12")
Can be best compared to the Doormouse / Addict style.
8.00 EUR  
Poxxe - Iono EP (12")
Heavy new release on the L.A. based Darkmatter imprint…
7.50 EUR  
Rioteer - Attitude Adjustment / Branded (12")
Brandnew label out of Holland
8.50 EUR  
Rioteer - Gabberism and the Subcultural... (12")
Rioteers long awaited Gabberism-project is now available on 12" vinyl.
8.50 EUR  
Roeder - Metal Is A Whore / Aetz Rmx (7")
This one is little heavy metal / punk influenced breakcore perl well executed by this newcomer from Chemnitz.
6.00 EUR  
Rotator - Curses on your Ghettoblaster (12")
Back in stock! Massive 12" back in stock! Heavyweight return from Rotator with a 4 tracker, full of his sonic trademark.
8.00 EUR  
Saoulaterre - We Are The Warriors EP (12")
Return of the crazy french man Saoulaterre
7.80 EUR  
Shitmat / Ladyscraper - Grungecore Vol.1 (7")
Back in stock! Uniting NW grunge and UK breakcore at last, US based Fukdup Records presents it's first release: Grungecore Vol. 1.
7.50 EUR  
Slepcy - We are the newest battle models (CD)
Poland's Slepcy make music that is heavy on melody ...
13.50 EUR  
Slutmachine - Slutmachine (12")
4 Tracks of electronica infused Breakcore
7.80 EUR  
Split Horizon / Jstat - Void Tactical (12")
Heavy kicks all broken for maximum dancefloor destruction. Be warned! Detroit's VOID crew with their latest 12" release... tip!
8.00 EUR  
Steel - Crackstep on bombtrucks (7")
Steel (Biochip C/Speedfreak) with his hard
4.50 EUR  
Subjex - Supersonic Mezze (12")
Back in stock! Excellent Subjex release
8.00 EUR  
Supply Module - My Early Vote Against Everyone (10")
Breakcore infused with melodic parts and other electronic stuff going on...
7.50 EUR  
Supply Module - The Lost Tracks (12")
Contradiction is part of the ZERO71 label family. First release by Supply Module on ltd whitelabel only.
8.00 EUR  
The Flashbulb - Red Extensions of me (CD)
CD version
7.00 EUR  
Torsion & Supply Module - 50 Countrysongs in a bottle (12")
Heavy 4 tracker well executed by Supply Module and Torsion
8.00 EUR  
Treachery - Treachery (12")
Ltd edition 250 copies pressed on silver vinyl!
10.00 EUR  
V.A. - Airplanes Are Safe (12")
Back in stock! New belgian label BLIND RECORDS with an excellent compilation...
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Amalgam EP (12")
Seven Samurai continues with its mission of melting the most intense sound elements of different genres together with their new compilation EP. Ft. Noize Punishment, Ashtar DXD, Fobia, Disruptor.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Anonymous Series 1 (12")
Back in stock! It doesn't get any better! What a blast to end the year... super heavy Breakcore and Noise from the superior Praxis label starting off a series of 3 12" single releases
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Berzerk Products (12")
New belgian Breakcore
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Cavage 14 (12")
Experimental, Noise and Speedcore
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Dark Blonde, Died Black EP (7")
Back in stock! A premium selection of electronic blues, powerrave, jungletekkno and original vocal house.
5.00 EUR  
V.A. - For Whom The Balls Toll (12")
Back in stock! First release on russian label Rednex Rampage, featuring new and unreleased material by Otto Von Schirach, Passenger Of Shit, Inshizzo and Marrow Explosion.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Invasion from xXx dimension (CD)
Impressive, maniac and wild, a deadly virus is released. CD
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Kamikaze Club 07 (12")
Strictly newcomers this time and ltd to 500 copies worldwide...
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Kapotte Radio 001 (12")
Here it is! The mega Breakcore sampler on this brandnew belgian imprint
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Maddest Skillz Vol.1 (CD)
Hardcore/Breakcore compilation CD on the japanese Maddest Chickndom label...
15.00 EUR  
V.A. - Ministry of Shit (CD)
Back in stock! Hahaha ... Ministry of shit!!
14.50 EUR  
V.A. - Polymorphik Piece I/III (12")
In a series of 3, Polymorphik ...
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Polymorphik Piece II/III (12")
2nd installment in the Polymorphik series
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Polymorphik Piece III/III Remixes (12")
Final installment and Remixalbum
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Public Convenience II (12")
From the Rest Room camp feat. Psykotropp, Umkra, Stormtropper a.m.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Rest in Pieces 2 (12")
So here their latest eardrum assault ...
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Rigid Crash Compilation (2CD)
Massive double CD compilation
13.95 EUR  
V.A. - Ruis Voor Thuis / Iets Met Biets (2CD)
Lots of names here on Lomechanik's brandnew double CD feature.
14.50 EUR  
V.A. - State of Mind EP (12")
Back in stock! Aaron Spectre, FFF, Enk and Atiq...
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Systemic Audio Compilation (CD)
Contained herein are 15 tracks of the finest
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Voxxx Series A (12")
Voxxxx Series A will consist of this 12" and 5 forthcoming EPs.
7.70 EUR  
V.A. - Whatever (CD)
Wrong Music CD compilation
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - White Line Vol.II (12")
Back in stock! The White Line continues with 5 exclusive tracks from 5 worldwide operating artists. Bob Humid, Outside Agency, Noize Creator, Ctrler and Az-Rotator
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - White Line Vol.III (12")
Number 3 of the limited vinyl series White Line features five internationally well known artists of the Breakcore / Dubstep scene... Igorrr, Mobthrow, Ebola, Larvae and Hello.jpg
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Who Broke My Beats? (12")
The 2nd 12" on Mindtrick Records is all about the Who Broke My Beats? Tour.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - You'll Get Yours (12")
5 track compilation, ranging from Breakcore to Hardcore!
8.00 EUR  
Venetian Snares - Horse and Goat (CD)
CD version, explicit artwork by Trevor Brown
13.00 EUR  
Vile Enginez - Cycadelic / Tool (12")
Vile Enginez' new release on Sub/Version is a mind trip through devilish labyrinths of a myriad of sound constructions.
7.50 EUR  
Violent Holiday/Octopus Inc - Night Flight/Summer Slalome (7")
japanese Violent Holiday + additonal remix by Octopus Inc
5.50 EUR  
Vorpal - An incomplete guide to Vorpal music (CD)
This one is sort of like riding an old wodden rollercoaster ...
13.50 EUR  
Xanopticon - The Silver Key EP (12")
The long awaited return of America's splinter break master
7.50 EUR  
Zombie - Zombie EP (12")
French new Rest In Pieces label
7.80 EUR