30Hz - Re-Herded Sampler 2 (incl. Pinch Rmx) (12")
Kicks off with a new production from 30hz entitled "Me, Crazy". + Rmx by Pinch on the flip!
8.50 EUR  
Akoumno - Wild Boar Sausages (12")
6 tracks of crazy, noisy, cut-up dsp ...
7.80 EUR  
AntiStatik - Audio Redemption (12")
7.70 EUR  
AntiStatik - Kid Da 80ies (12")
Fresh rocking combinations of breaks and some hardcore ...
7.70 EUR  
Audiovoid / Funny Ox - Soft Blue Cube / 3step Behind (12")
1 side Breaks, 1 side Dubstep!
8.50 EUR  
Autonation - Sit On The Bass (12")
Autonation's "Sit on the Bass" was released on esteemed Belgian label R&S, 18 years ago in 1991...
8.50 EUR  
Bad Matter/Cycom - Jazzthing/Rude Bwoy Rmx (12")
2 strong track from Leipzigs ...
6.50 EUR  
BamBam Babylon Bajasch - BamBam Babylon Bajasch (12")
Back in! 8 Track LP release
12.00 EUR  
Ben Pest - Panic Bridge (12")
Long-awaited follow-up from Ben Pest and pals on his superbly odd Panic Bridge label.
8.50 EUR  
Bombardier/13thHour/Kamphetamine - L'Excommunié (CD)
9.95 EUR  
Bong-Ra - I Am the God of Hellfire (2x12")
12" double vinyl on Ad Noiseam
13.50 EUR  
Bruce Stallion - Boom Drugs And Bad Sunglasses EP (12")
Bruce Stallion AKA Wrong Music's Dj Floorclearer takes the helm for the Coinop massive
8.50 EUR  
Chuck Shite's - Dalston Uncovered (12")
The infamous TRASH label
7.80 EUR  
Com.A - My Way (Singles/Remixes collection) (CD)
Excellent CD collection
14.50 EUR  
D 'n A - Elixir EP (12")
With a variety of flavors ranging from Tribal to Electro House to Electro-Breaks that even drops to a dubstep half-time...
8.50 EUR  
Datach'i - 10110101=(Rec+Play) (CD)
Datach's debut album
12.50 EUR  
Dee Work - Under Dev (12")
Back in stock! Experimental electronics
8.00 EUR  
Doormouse - Major Changes (12")
Vinyl version of recent Doormouse album
9.80 EUR  
Doormouse - Major Changes (CD)
We approve of this recording!
13.50 EUR  
Doormouse/TZII - Slippery/Variation on Tango (7")
Night on Earth with a special 7"
6.50 EUR  
Dublo/Albano - Commo EP (12")
Wicked Drill 'n Beats/Electronica
7.00 EUR  
Echorausch - Voxxx Series A.3 (12")
Brandnew Ventilator release. From rhythmic-melancholic to experimental sound structures
7.50 EUR  
End/Jason Forrest - Ladies get in free!!! (12")
Post Neo Rave Core ...
8.50 EUR  
Etschaberry - Annuit Coeptis (12")
Back in stock!
7.80 EUR  
Filaria - Dib Dab Dub EP (12")
Back in stock! Just right to start into the new year comes the latest Bug Klinik release ...
8.00 EUR  
Flint Kids - Anagram (12")
Debut release from new London label, Interakt. Top draw glitched up electro breaks...
8.50 EUR  
Geroyche - Voxxx Series A.1 (12")
Brandnew 2nd solo EP
7.70 EUR  
Gremino - It's Working EP (12")
8.50 EUR  
Gridlock/Steel - Connected #4 (12")
#4 connects Gridlock (San Francisco) and Martin Damm (Biochip C/Speedfreak)
7.70 EUR  
Heavy Feet - Sasquatch EP (12")
The debut release from Manchester's finest beat mechanics is finally here on Passenger Records.
8.00 EUR  
Himuro - Mild Fantasy Violence CD (CD)
Funky beats and an intense atmosphere
13.00 EUR  
I.D. - To The Line / Late Night Hype (12")
Debut release for I.D. on the Passenger label.
8.50 EUR  
Karsten Pflum - God / Fly (7")
This ultra limited single was originally included as a bonus to the vinyl version of the Idhax album.
6.75 EUR  
Lennie De Ice - We Are IE Remixes (12")
Back in stock! Incl. Mixes by Caspa & Rusko, Hijack Rmx and Drums of Death.
8.50 EUR  
Leyton Breakers/Controlled Weirdness - Danse Macabre EP (12")
Excellent Argento-esque electro
7.80 EUR  
Luke's Anger - Zapp The P'ram EP (12")
Another killer follow up to his previous 'FISTFUL OF DONKEYS EP' on Don't Recordings.
8.50 EUR  
Lukes Anger - Dead like Elvis (12")
The BowWow label with its 5th release ...
8.00 EUR  
Machine Drum - Mergerz and Acquisitionz (2CD)
Heavy remix double pack!
17.50 EUR  
Meaning of Nonsense - Summer Snow EP (12")
Naoto Suzuki (Tokio) delivered a stunning electronica release.
5.00 EUR  
Meat Beat Manifesto - Echo In Space Dub/Retrograde Pt.2 (12")
Remix EP, Dj Walley + Dubloner
7.80 EUR  
Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Earth Eaters (2x12")
Ltd. gatefold edition! Also includes link to download 27 lossless-quality remixes of 'Earth Eaters' by Electromeca, Sickboy, Cursor Minor, Parasite, End, Toxic Lipstick & Ove-Naxx, Berserker and many more.
15.50 EUR  
Mutant Milly&Commodore 16 - Natural Plastic (12")
Belligeranza is a subdivision of Sonic Belligeranza
7.80 EUR  
Not Breathing - Minotaur EP (12")
Back in stock! Half bull, half man, Not Breathing's Dave Wright ...
5.00 EUR  
Osymyso - Rabbit to rabbit (10")
Typical Osymyso mashup style...
8.50 EUR  
Pirate Soundsystem - Trip II London EP (12")
Happenin' London Wiley 'Rolex' remixers slamb in the lamb with this new solo release for Coinop.
8.50 EUR  
Rusuden - Formulae (CD)
Rusuden's debut CD on Sonic Terror
13.50 EUR  
Rusuden - Formulae Remixes (CD)
Since Formulaes debut full length
13.50 EUR  
Si Begg - Jetlag And Tinnitus Part 2 (12")
Back in stock! Number 2 in Si Beggs new series
8.50 EUR  
Soplerfo - EP for dogs (12")
incl Hrvatski remix
8.00 EUR  
Stripper ft. DJ Omega - Stripper Theme / Akira Kiteshi Rmx (12")
This month Giant Pussy present a Stripper original, featuring Detroit’s finest Omega. The super-tight 808 groove sets up the tune...
8.00 EUR  
Subjex - Supersonic Mezze (12")
Back in stock! Excellent Subjex release
8.00 EUR  
Sunao Inami - Use Up and Empty (CD)
Sunao Inami's 4th full solo album comes from his own label, Electr-ohm.
12.50 EUR  
Sweat.X - I'm That Alley (12")
New single from Sweat.X incl. remix from Mike Slott (LuckyMe, All City). Played by Diplo, Martyn, Mark Pritchard and more.
8.50 EUR  
The Flashbulb - These Open Fields 2nd Edition (CD)
Originally released on Alphabasic
7.00 EUR  
Thee Vaporizer - Matkoe Shamoe EP (12")
Thee Vaporizer (BE) released with JetLag, Robo and ZOD before
7.50 EUR  
Thee Vaporizer - R3C4LC1TR4NZ (2x12")
before he released on Leipzigs Phantomnoise
7.50 EUR  
Tim Exile & Disciple Grin - The Fifth Paper (12")
Ltd whitelabel copies back in stock! Excellent electronic / breaks compositions from both artists here
8.50 EUR  
Tittsworth ft. Kid Sister & Pase Rock - Wtf (Crissy Criss Rmx) (12")
"WTF" gets rejigged for 2009 by Deekline & Tim Healey in a big room electro house stylee and you'll find a mindblowing mix on the flip from Crissy Criss!
8.00 EUR  
Unit - I came here to tell you how its going to begin (CD)
Back in stock! Finally after 4 years comes the new UNIT full length
13.50 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (2x12")
Essential electronica release for the first time on vinyl ...
8.00 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (CD)
Back in stock!! "Revealing songs textured ...
12.50 EUR  
Untitled - Index07 untitled EP (12")
Index drops a new experimental record
7.70 EUR  
V.A. - Crash Redevelopment (CD)
New Yorks Co.Ad.Audio label with a superb start
13.00 EUR  
V.A. - Diversion (12")
French Kurva label with a 4 track EP of Jungle, Breaks and other obscurities.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Lush Distractions (CD)
Great electronica compilation with Funckarma, Rawakari, Lester Lewitt ...
12.00 EUR  
V.A. - Mutant Bass UK (12")
Another brutal speaker assault from the Coinop camp... ft. Kanji Kinetic, Mr. Sly, Michael Forshaw and Dankle.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Notochord: Sound - Impulse - Synapse (CD)
This very first release on the brandnew dutch NOTOCHORD label
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Pink Ponies vs Blue Bytes (7")
From console gabba to blueskoolbreaks. Next strike on the Alphacut sister label.
5.00 EUR  
V.A. - Round & Sturdy (12")
Totally slammin' mini-comp from Luke's Anger imprint! Features stable 'wonksters' along side current 'darling of the scene' Al Tourettes...
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - TigerBass Vol.1 (12")
Your favourite badboys...
8.50 EUR  
Velapene Screen - Velatision (CD)
CD EP on New Yorks Co.Ad.Audio label
9.50 EUR  
Vorpal - Disgressions (CD)
"Disgressions" is the follow up to Vorpal's debut "An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music" (Cock Rock Disco).
12.50 EUR  
White Liqueur - Komori/Toyz R Me Remixes (7")
A ltd edition white 7" (bit expensive though)
7.25 EUR