12th Planet - Element 16 (12")
"Element 16" (Sulfur) is a dancefloor smasher that will set off any night...
8.50 EUR  
12th Planet - Ptera Patrick EP (12")
The second installment on this L.A. based label brings the mighty 12th Planet
8.50 EUR  
12th Planet / Mac Koall - 28 Hours Later (12")
Finally a new release for the swedish Dubstep label Red Volume.
8.00 EUR  
30Hz - Re-Herded Sampler 2 (incl. Pinch Rmx) (12")
Kicks off with a new production from 30hz entitled "Me, Crazy". + Rmx by Pinch on the flip!
8.50 EUR  
501 - Favourite Sin / Daytripper (12")
501 debuts on Dubting, two tearing cuts that have already been making speakers shudder up and down...
8.00 EUR  
AC23 - Love Her / Flippo Winter Dub Mix (12")
Back in stock! We've been waiting on this for a while now and at long last it's here.
8.50 EUR  
Addison Groove - Footcrab (12")
Back in stock! Addison Groove aka Headhunter has made an absolute beast here, taking hyperdelic 808/909 drum machine grooves and big bass then applying it all to Dubstep.
9.50 EUR  
Alley Cat / Vaccine - Sweet Spot / Radiate (12")
Back in stock! Alley Cat, perhaps D&B's most underrated female DJ is back in the studio again.
8.50 EUR  
Altered Natives - The Bitch (12")
A north London born producer and DJ who’s been expressing himself through drum abuse and perverting genres.
8.50 EUR  
ANS - Everyday Bullshit (12")
Latest on the Studio Rockers label and the return of ANS
8.00 EUR  
Antihifi - Electric Lazy EP (12")
Dub Technic was already started in 2000. Reactivated in 2008 here comes their first Dubstep release...
7.50 EUR  
Antiserum / XI - Mofo (12")
Back in stock! Tuba's inaugural release features Antiserum's dark, forceful, hip hop focused banger, Mofo.
9.00 EUR  
Aramac - A Journey Through Time Vol.1 (12")
After a successful release of “Hurt inside / Intruder” On Sticks “N” Stones recordings, Aramac now returns with this new EP.
8.50 EUR  
Arkist - What Do I See (12")
Back in stock! Arkist is a relative newcomer on the scene but is already making waves.
8.00 EUR  
Audiovoid / Funny Ox - Soft Blue Cube / 3step Behind (12")
1 side Breaks, 1 side Dubstep!
8.50 EUR  
Audiowright / Deadly Habit - Fuys / Pusherman (12")
Rochester, New York's Audiowright heats up this latest offering from the Shift camp.
8.00 EUR  
Aura Anthropica / GDX - Drummondii / Want You (12")
These latest sounds out of Austria though offer a new heightened and elevated sound from those of the mid nineties.
8.50 EUR  
B-Lam - Mongrel / Traitor (12")
Sam Kidel aka B-Lam, 18 years old Bristol's producer, drives a dance wild.
7.50 EUR  
Balaxx - Chae Style / Trippin' (12")
Back in stock! Brutal Traxx is a brand new label for 2008 focusing on the heavy, dancefloor side of dubstep, bassline & breaks!
8.50 EUR  
Balaxx - Live It / Who Is There? (12")
Balaxx brings another tasty slab of black plastic
8.50 EUR  
Barbarix - Low Freqz / Bass Rocker (12")
Barbarix, a hotly tipped newcomer who has initially made his name after a wicked remix of a tune off the latest Mistabishi LP ‘Printer Jam’ on Hospital Records.
8.50 EUR  
Bazooka vs Dose D / Deleta - Hypnotize / Dynasty (12")
DnB/Dubstep release! Berlin based Bazooka comes correct with 2 new tunes for the Nasdia imprint.
7.00 EUR  
Beezy - Thoughts In Retrospect (2x12")
Produced by Benga and Distance. Thoughts In Retrospect is the first single from Rinse’s debut artist signing Beezy.
14.50 EUR  
Benny Page & Zero G - Pan Pipes / Trigger Finger (12")
Back in stock! 'Panpipes' 's credentials are already high, as it has been picked up by Skream for his 'Watch The Ride' Mix CD
8.50 EUR  
Bok Bok - Citizens Dub (12")
Back in stock! Blunted Robots celebrate their third single with a great big cake, stuffed full of sound.
8.50 EUR  
Bombaman - Flower People / 6Blocc Rmx (12")
Ltd. white label copies
8.50 EUR  
Boxcutter & Kinnego Flux - A Familiar Sound (12")
Boxcutter's work is often categorised as Dubstep, although in style and idiosyncracies has more in common with IDM artists such as Squarepusher and µ-Ziq.
8.50 EUR  
Boy Wonder - Almighty Warrior (12")
Hardcore breaks and electro-funked gear from Kevin Harper aka half of the original Nightmares On Wax duo.
7.50 EUR  
Brackles - 6AM El Gordos (12")
Brackles on BRAiNMATH. That's Right. Limited info. Limited copies. No digital.
9.50 EUR  
Brackles - Get A Job / Lizards (12")
Back in stock! Brand new release on Apple Pips from upcoming star Brackles, one half of funk-step outfit Brackles & Shortstuff
8.50 EUR  
Brackles - Glazed (12")
Back in stock! 'Glazed' is an energetic swinging Garage/Techno take on ?step...
8.50 EUR  
Brackles & Shortstuff - Broken Harp (12")
As opening statements go, the maiden 12" from Nottingham/Bristol's Pollen imprint is an emphatic one.
8.50 EUR  
Bruno Belluomini / Ipiki Ookami - Gent - Sao Paulo EP (12")
Back in! New label "Unity" bringing electro and dubstep together
8.00 EUR  
Burnkane - You Know (12")
This is a new 12 from Washington DC~Rs Burnkane, a new signing and a new artist morphing the Dubstep template beyond recognition.
7.50 EUR  
C.R.S.T. - Revival EP (12")
For our 6th release Well Rounded is stoked to bring you a choice selection of garage heat on the 'Revival' EP from the mighty C.R.S.T.
8.50 EUR  
Caper - Hybrid / Friction (12")
Hybrid, a sonic work laced with syncopated snares that snap intermittently between winding sub-terrainean bass-loops.
8.50 EUR  
Cardopusher - Mutant Dubstep Vol.2 (CD)
Volume 2 on the greek Spectraliquid imprint incl. rmx's from Innasekt and Pacheko.
9.50 EUR  
Cardopusher - Schematic Blocks (12")
Back in stock! Luis Garban of Venezuela has released heaps of records these past couple years...
8.00 EUR  
Caterva - Aurora (12")
Warm percussions, off-beat rythms, big bass and hot grooves are the ingredients of Caterva.
8.50 EUR  
Caterva - Pleasure / Jersey (12")
French imprint Sens Inverse with a new 12" from Caterva
8.50 EUR  
Cease / Selfsimilar - Upper Left Side / Rise (12")
The debut of Drum N Bass' beloved Cease, this one is a hard-as-nails smasher through and through.
8.50 EUR  
Chase & Status - Against All Odds Remixes (12")
'Against All Odds' is the next single to be taken from Chase & Status' debut album "More Than Alot"
8.50 EUR  
Chasing Shadows - Dream On (12")
With a guitar riff building the intro, stabs of the bass set the tone of this tune at an early point.
8.50 EUR  
Chimpo - Bad Man No Friend Fish (12")
Grimey, skanking and about Fish! Big things for Chimpo this year!
8.50 EUR  
Chimpo - Lock Off VIP / Like No Other (12")
Chimpo has been djing since he was a young chimp...
8.50 EUR  
Chimpo - Sack of Balls (12")
Ruff n rugged dancefloor anthems on Zed Bias' Sidestepper label.
8.50 EUR  
Clouds - Timekeeper (Dave Aju Remix) (12")
Back in stock! Very limited one sided 12” release from RAMP RECORDINGS
9.50 EUR  
Clubroot - Clubroot II: MMX (2x12")
ltd repress, US import
27.95 EUR  
Coleco / Shamanji - Campfire Funk / Break Your Heart (12")
Campfire Funk is a fractured funk workout blurring the lines between progressive funk and sub heavy dance music.
7.50 EUR  
Conquest & Harry Craze - Real Love EP (12")
Break the Habit returns with 3 tracks from Antisocial members Quest and Harry Craze.
8.50 EUR  
Conscious Pilot / Fragile - Hash N Hydro / Unabomber (12")
Get ready for this one!
8.50 EUR  
Cooly G / Scratcha DVA - Dis Boy (DVA's Hi Emotion Rmx) (12")
The label's sixth release is no exception.
8.50 EUR  
Cosmic Revenge - Cold Hearted EP (12")
Back in stock! Now in it's 3rd release, Fortified Audio is proud to present a blazing EP from one of garage's finest newcomers: Cosmic Revenge.
8.50 EUR  
Cosmin TRG - See Other People (12")
Back in stock! The DC series continues with Cosmin TRG, known for his releases on Hotflush and Tempa...
9.00 EUR  
Cotti - The Search (12")
Back in stock! These 3 new exclusive tracks are heavy, dark dub-influenced cuts with plenty of sound effects and killer basslines.
8.50 EUR  
Cotti / Chef - Eat Dirt / Latest Technology (12")
Dubstep champion DJ turned producer Chef makes his Soul Jazz Records debut alongside top London hitmaker Cotti.
8.50 EUR  
Cotti ft. Badness - Teen Wolf (12")
Cotti is back with this 12" release on his own label featuring co productions with the Likes of DMZ's Coki and special guest vocals from Badness who features on Teenwolf.
8.75 EUR  
Crysis / RSD - Super Villian / Cavegirl (12")
Brandnew label Dub Culture Records!
8.50 EUR  
Culprate - Trenchfoot (12")
Its time to hear some dirty Dubsaw filth and coming to represent the camp is front man Culprate.
8.00 EUR  
Culprate / Suspect & Switch Dubs - Don't Do That / Rotary (12")
To represent Dubsaw Recordings for this their debut release, who better to step up to the plate than Culprate!
8.00 EUR  
Cycheouts Ghost - Live Trax (CD)
Cycheouts Live recording
10.00 EUR  
Cycheouts Ghost - Romz 3rd Anniversary (CD)
Limited CDr release
10.00 EUR  
Cycheouts Ghost - Vikalpa (CD)
Vikalpa CD album (Grime/Jungle/2Step)
13.00 EUR  
Cyrus - Golden Gate (12")
For the Eight:FX imprints 10th release Cyrus presents a solo 12" full up with his unique and trademark sound.
8.50 EUR  
D-Mize - Iree (12")
D-Mize drops the big bad beats over dubby sub deep enough to leave you moist and wanting more
8.50 EUR  
D1 - Chocolate Orange (12")
The mighty Dub Police machine rolls on, this time we see London based D1 with his first release for Dub Police
8.50 EUR  
D1 - V3 (2x12")
Back in stock! 6 tracker holding 'Ongie Bongie', 'Joy', 'Risin' 'Cave', 'Effect 10' and 'BG'
15.50 EUR  
D1 ft. Jenna G - Flood of Emotions (12")
D1 has once again come up with the goods, and delivered two brilliant old skool-influenced dancefloor tracks.
9.00 EUR  
Daega Sound - You make me feel (12")
Back in stock! Vancouver's own, Daega Sound takes you into deep, murky waters and bathes the listener in bass.
8.00 EUR  
Daleduro - Troubled EP (12")
Wobble three tracker from Daleduro
8.50 EUR  
Dark Sky - Something 2 Lose (12")
White label! 'Something 2 Lose' starts with haunting intent, ethereal pads float lovely over a paired down Baltimoresque drum-break, while something of leviathan proportion lurks under the surface.
8.50 EUR  
Decipher Manana - Nothing Ventured (12")
A1 is a 15 year old Deep Thoughts Rmx of Decipher Mananas beautiful 'Nothing Ventured'
8.50 EUR  
Deformer - Defsteppah EP (12")
Deformer hailing from Rotterdam city, The Netherlands, is a strong player amongst the progressive electronic music scene for years already.
7.50 EUR  
Deleta - Robot / Murderah (10")
Back in stock! 1st release on the new found SubCarnage Recordings label, tracks made by Deleta aka Bazooka. 2 heavy Dubsteppers on 10"
7.50 EUR  
Desmond Denker - Boxed Freedom (12")
Desmond Denker, the producer behind the Babylon Bajasch, is forming his very own vision of technoish dubstep music.
7.00 EUR  
Desmond Denker - Denking Out The World (2x12")
Cologne electronic-school in UK-fabric. Finally Desmond Denkers long-awaited Vinyl-album is outg.
16.00 EUR  
Dev79 / Starkey - From the get / Less than paper (7")
Back in stock! Wow! Stateside Grime and Dubstep
6.00 EUR  
Deville - Rumble (12")
Brandnew release for the Senseless label, trax are: 'Rumble' and 'Stamina'
8.50 EUR  
Deville ft.Jimmy Luv - Quente Demais (12")
The second vinyl from Vocals And Versions Vol 2 CD. Featuring the monster DeVille ft Jimmy Luv and the killer MRK 1 remix of Nitroglycerine.
8.50 EUR  
DFRNT - Dark Jazz (DJ Madd / Indigo Rmx's) (12")
Back in stock! Two more tracks from the excellent DFRNT album 'Metafiction'
8.00 EUR  
Digital - Dub Station / More Music (12")
Back in stock! Rollout drums and pounding bassline patterns form together to create Dub Station.
8.00 EUR  
Direct Feed / Pyjama Pyrat - Filter Damage / Bright Days (12")
3rd release on Ulan Bator - this one's on a Dubstep tip... check!
7.50 EUR  
Distinction - Fly Eyes / Brok Out (12")
Distinction makes his debut on Argon Records with two incredible pieces of Dubstep music.
8.50 EUR  
DJ Evol / 12th Planet - Sickness (12")
Another new Dubstep label hailing from L.A., Smog Recordings first release comes courtesy of DJ Evol and 12th Planet.
8.50 EUR  
DJ Heny G - Soul Is Born Through Pain (12")
When Heny G's not up and down the country smashing up dances, he's in the studio rollin out deep atmospheric plates.
8.50 EUR  
Djunya - Elevate / Puja Karna Sangit (12")
"Elevate" is a sprawling gem of a track, which manages to run wth a certain ferociousness without being derivitive in any way...
7.50 EUR  
DLX - The City / Acid Rain Dance (12")
The A-side 'The City' is a much anticipated track and has received stateside support from the likes of Joe Nice and Nick Argon
8.50 EUR  
Dom - Garden (12")
Back in stock!
8.00 EUR  
Don Goliath - Bassfest Series Vol.1 (12")
Dubstep Division Recordings 3 tracker
8.00 EUR  
Double S - From Day (12")
Back in stock! It's the track that you've been hearing all summer...
8.50 EUR  
Droid - Tantrum (12")
Back in stock! Droid (aka Kromestar) strikes again on the 'Fantastic 3' label, featuring 3 brand spanking new tracks of techy futuristic dancefloor pressure.
8.00 EUR  
DTL vs Black Ham - Urban Collision EP (12")
Back in stock! Double A-Side release and bad grimey bass action.
8.00 EUR  
Dub Crooks - Fight (12")
The Dub Crooks kick things off in fine style on the first release on this new imprint for 2010 - Dub Philosophy.
8.00 EUR  
Dubfiction - Rippling / Atomique Rmx (12")
Back in stock! Conceived somewhere in between Austria's rural monotony and wannabe metropolis Vienna...
8.50 EUR  
Dubwoofa - Kingdom Come (12")
The opening track of this EP shows that these boys mean business, beautiful soundscapes and deep middle eastern vibes.
8.50 EUR  
Duffstep - Getting To Sirius Rmx's #3 (12")
Back in stock! The 3rd and final remix EP, with mixes from FaltyDL, Young Montana & Eliphino...
9.00 EUR  
Duffstep - Know You (12")
Back in stock! Following on from the Orphan101 single Saigon Recordings are set to release this brand new single from Duffstep
8.50 EUR  
Dusk & Blackdown ft.Durrty Goodz - Concrete Streets / Zomby Rmx (12")
Another killer from his and Dusk's 'Margins Music' LP sees the light of day, backed with a Zomby remix!
8.00 EUR  
DZ & Bowzer - Just Rolling / Leviathan (12")
Black Acre invites all bass junkies on a field trip through the arctic beats of Canada’s hottest new talent, DZ.
8.50 EUR  
Ebola - Mutant Dubstep Vol.1 (CD)
Back in stock! "Mutant Dubstep Vol.1" is the first CD out on Spectraliquid's new series which will be completed later this fall!
9.50 EUR  
Eddie K - Who's The Hardest / The Shivers (12")
Introducing the first 12" from Eddie K on the HENCH imprint – two chunky slabs of Dubstep are in order from this Bristol- based producer
8.50 EUR  
EDMX - 2K3 Beats (12")
Ed offers a new kind of treat from the archives, fusing two-step swing and spacious dubstep rhythms with his immediately recognisable analogue style.
8.00 EUR  
Ekaj - Other Worlds / Tetsu (12")
S.C.U.M.'s 3rd installment is a fresh one. If you never heard of Ekaj before then get to know.
8.50 EUR  
Ekelon - Asian Blades / RSD Remix (12")
Back in stock! Ekelon (Planet Mu, Tube 10) 2007 after Asian Blades is a hard hitting track with complex grooves, razor sharp cymbals and the trademark hunting melodies.
7.50 EUR  
Elemental - 925 / Arise (12")
Elemental carves out two turbulent slabs of Breakstep pressure for the freshly minted Reduction Records.
8.00 EUR  
Elemental - Piston (12")
Heres a trio of fresh tasty beats to get you in the mood for Elementals forthcoming longplayer.
7.50 EUR  
Emi Ono - Kuru Shinju (12")
A brand new face on HF2: Emi Ono, originally from Japan, but now residing in Ontario, Canada.
8.00 EUR  
Excision / Ultra Black - Know You / 3vil Five (12")
Ltd. white label copies, hard hittin styles!!
8.50 EUR  
Excision N Redline - Square (12")
Ltd.advance white label copies! 2 tracks heavy Dubstep!!
8.00 EUR  
F-One - Inner Space / Valley of Light (12")
2 more deadly cuts from the man like F-One who seems to be putting out some real quality bits of late
8.50 EUR  
F-One - Madhouse / Stero System (12")
Another sure fire banger from F-One
8.00 EUR  
F1 - Airbus / Digishank (12")
8.50 EUR  
Falty DL - All In The Place (12")
Back in stock! Rush Hour kicks of its Direct Current series with NYC based Falty DL.
9.00 EUR  
Falty DL - Endeavour (12")
Back in stock! Following the 'Phreqaflex EP', where Falty DL mined 2-Step Garage for inspiration, is this beautifully crafted and subtly put together slow motion house EP called 'Endeavour'.
8.00 EUR  
Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (2009 Mixes) (12")
Back in stock! Celebrating 20 years of Hip-House, Fast Eddie's seminal tune gets a block-rocking re-rub and 2009 up-date from production duo: Tim Healey and Deekline in this belter of a release.
8.00 EUR  
Filaria - Bruce Lee Perry (12")
Time for the irish division... David Baxter debuts with his Filaria project (last seen on Bugklinik in 2007).
7.00 EUR  
Fisto - Crusher (12")
Two heavy tunes from anonymous newcomer Fisto.
8.50 EUR  
Forsaken / Kanobi - Same Old Excuse / Skitter (12")
DubCulture has been pushing the sound in Ireland running 'Dubstep' nights for over a year.
8.00 EUR  
Funckarma - Dubstoned EP 3 (12")
Back in stock! Dubstoned 3 is the long due follow up in a series of dubstep based releases by Funckarma.
8.50 EUR  
Fused Forces - Back Fire / Calm Chaos (12")
The latest installment of Substance Abuse delivers yet again more filth from the Fused Forces camp...
8.00 EUR  
Fused Forces - Prefer to be Plastered (12")
Ltd advance copies, new label Scruffy Hoodlum
8.50 EUR  
Fused Forces - Riga Mortis / And Wot! (12")
Nu Urban presents Urban Essentials and Fused Forces step up for the very first release...
8.00 EUR  
Fused Forces - Safety Catch (2x12")
Back in stock! Essex du, Adsassin & Moreatti, see their 2nd EP hit wax on West London's Art Recordings.
14.50 EUR  
Fused Forces - What's Going Down / Chest Infection (12")
'Whats Going Down' comes with a heavy jungle influence, silky female vocals, amen breaks and deep sub bass.
8.50 EUR  
G-Man aka Gomes - Don't Be Afraid / Night of the Death (12")
7.50 EUR  
Gatekeeper - Let Go (12")
Alicia Keys is the Dubstep chanteuse of the moment it seems.
8.50 EUR  
Gatekeeper - Which Way / Turth In The Booth (12")
Wicked new release on M4R Records
8.50 EUR  
Geiom - No More Tears / Eyl Booty (12")
These tunes have been collecting props, club plays and radio hype from all the usual suspects...
8.50 EUR  
Geiom & Spamchop - Cave Rave / Sirius Star (12")
Geiom + Spamchop find themselves in a distant mysterious land ravaged by sub zero temperatures. Across the hills they can hear faint echoes of deep bass...
8.50 EUR  
Genetic Krew - Dub Against Dub EP (12")
Back in stock! The 'Dub Against Dub EP' from the Genetic Krew is gonna tear you a new one.
8.50 EUR  
Geroyche - Voxxx Series A.1 (12")
Brandnew 2nd solo EP
7.70 EUR  
Ghettozoid - Seeking ft. Yolanda (12")
Plus remixes from Blue Daisy and The Teknoist. The name One4Ho incorporates Ghettozoid’s obsession with Miami Bass.
8.50 EUR  
Ghostleigh - Continuum EP (12")
Excellent new 4 track EP melting together Dub Techno and UK Garage with stunning results!
7.50 EUR  
Ghosttown ft. Badness & Dajla - You Know (12")
Wonky dancefloor dancehall from Ghosttown featuring Badness, mix from DZ.
8.50 EUR  
Giant - Herbert (12")
Giant have been transmitting soundwaves of pure badness from the heart of St Petersburg for the last couple of years now.
8.50 EUR  
Giant aka Enei - Badness (12")
Badness... A Huge destructive wobbler that will fit well with the Rusko & Caspa lovers out there
8.50 EUR  
Ginz & Baobinga - The Good Stank (12")
Back in stock! Future house, funky, dubstep, techno whatever it’s called I think it's safe to say, a corker.
8.50 EUR  
Ginz & Kool Money Kwane - Wet Pipe Riddim (12")
Back in stock! 2009 saw the world taken by storm as the Bristol born sound of Purple w0w! infiltrated sound systems and radio stations with it's catchy synth lines and bold approach.
8.50 EUR  
Gnomes aka G-Man - The Hunt (12")
"The Hunt" is a track run by a whopping kick that’ll make everyone jump around
8.50 EUR  
Gnomes aka G-Man - The Hunt (12")
"The Hunt" is a track run by a whopping kick that’ll make everyone jump around
8.50 EUR  
Goth-Trad vs Cycheouts Ghost - Friendly Session Vol.01 (12")
Dancefloors on fire right now! 4 deadly tracks by Goth-Trad (Popgroup Rec - Tokyo) and Cycheouts Ghost (Romz, Suburban Trash - Tokyo).
8.50 EUR  
Gravious - Future Blues (12")
Limited to 300 180g vinyl w/ neon green and black pantone sleeves.
12.00 EUR  
Grievous Angel - Lady Dub (12")
Grevious Angel with the first installment of the Devotional Dubz imprint.
8.50 EUR  
Grimejah - Alarm (12")
As with the last 12" the Eight:FX label give us some more dark dubstep sounds.
5.00 EUR  
Grimelock - Stainage EP 1 (12")
Back in stock! Belgiums Stainage crew run the leading night dedicated to all open-minded sounds of the bass spectrum in their home city of Brussels.
8.50 EUR  
Guido - Beautiful Complication / Chakra (12")
Alongside Joker and Gemmy, Guido completes Bristol's Purple Trinity generation of Dubstep producers, whose self titled 'WoW sound' has taken the worldwide underground scene by storm in 2009.
8.50 EUR  
Guido - Orchestral Lab (12")
Orchestral Lab' is pure Davinche style strings, square wave pulses, infectious hooks and 808s.
8.50 EUR  
Gunjack / Blackmass Plastics / Bracket - Ugly Boys Have More Fun EP (12")
'Ugly Boys Have More Fun' by Gunjack is a new twist on the old school rave sound.
8.50 EUR  
H.O.D. - Impervious / Dub Cry (12")
Sister label to Urban Grafitti to push the more musical and deeper side of Dubstep. Expect some serious amounts of niceness.
8.50 EUR  
Hackman - Bodies EP (12")
For their 3rd release Well Rounded bring you the imaginative and playful funky-influenced house sound of Hackman.
7.50 EUR  
Hecq & Exillon - Spheres of Fury (12")
Original version plus remixes from Duran x3, The Teknoist and Techdiff! Heavy!! First release on Contortion Recordings (as owned by Hecq).
8.75 EUR  
Hektagon - Present and Future EP Pt.2 (12")
The A side is the deeply sinister and twisted, "Creatures" has more growl to it than a Rottweiler.
8.50 EUR  
Hektagon - Running Through Remixes (12")
2 remixes from Culprate and Mike Lennon
8.00 EUR  
Hektagon - Running Thru / Elemental Rmx (12")
Back in stock! Yet another slice of Dubstep action this week with Hektagon.
8.50 EUR  
Hektagon - The Old Days (12")
Four more wicked tracks hand picked from the Hektagon Album 'London'
8.00 EUR  
Hektagon - The One (12")
These three tracks are taken from his forthcoming album 'London'.
8.00 EUR  
Helixir - Narcotic Dub / Springz & Wires (12")
"Narcotik Dub" is a Dubstep-Techno roller full of subtle effects and noises, influenced for a large part by Dub and Techno Music...
7.00 EUR  
Helixir - XP Dub / Peace Dub (12")
Helixir notches up the latest 7even 12" with two variations on a 4/4 steppers ting.
8.00 EUR  
Herman - Prototype (10")
Back in stock! Herman is probably the coolest artist name we have heard in a while...
8.75 EUR  
High Deaf - The Boss (12")
Consisting of Dubstep's rising star, the mad prolific DZ and DnB mainstay The Fix.
8.50 EUR  
High Rankin / Wedge - Escape From The Hood (12")
A - a really heavy tune, B - If Freddy Kruger made Dubstep this would be it!
8.50 EUR  
Hizatron - Telescope Dope (12")
The new release from Wigflex is a showcase for Hizatron.
8.50 EUR  
Hupsy Down - 4x4 Lovers (12")
On this EP, Hupsydown show different sounds...
8.00 EUR  
Hyetal & Shortstuff - Don't Sleep / Ice Cream (12")
Punch Drunk launches into 2010 with colourful cuts to beat the freeze in the form of two hot collaborations from Hyetal & Shortstuff.
8.50 EUR  
Hypno - Go Shorty (12")
Following his debut EP on PTN, 17 year old Icelander Hypno drops his second release on RAMP Recordings.
9.50 EUR  
I.D. - Leaves / Swing (12")
I.D. with an excellent new release on the Mata-Syn imprint!
8.00 EUR  
I.D. - Mustang EP (12")
Next up on the unstoppable machine that is Sub Slayers is the first in a series of artists focused releases which allows for a slew of beats ranging from dubstep thru to urban fused breaks.
8.00 EUR  
I.D. - To The Line / Late Night Hype (12")
Debut release for I.D. on the Passenger label.
8.50 EUR  
I.D. & Skinnz - Shimmy / Offshore (12")
Double Science continue their mission to supply the world with cutting edge garage inflected futurism.
7.50 EUR  
I.D. & Skinnz - The Blues / Issues (12")
Earwax steps a little deeper for their next outing on vinyl with 2 killer tracks from production duo Skinnz & I.D.
8.50 EUR  
iFa / Manygances - Nibiru / APO (12")
VOLCA RECORDS is a French Dubstep label based in the center of France, in a volcanic zone.
8.50 EUR  
Ikeaboy - Metanoia Vol.1 (12")
5 track EP from Ikeaboy with storming remixes from Sir Real (Kracktronik, Satamile, Hymen) and Warren Daly Invisible Agent).
8.50 EUR  
Ikonika - Millie / Direct (12")
Ikonika's 2nd release on Hyperdub sees her unleashing a bittersweet, unhinged, dancefloor assault
8.50 EUR  
Ill Blu - Meltdown EP (12")
The first Numbers release of 2011 comes from the elusive North London production duo Ill Blu.
8.50 EUR  
Illum Sphere - Dreamstealin EP (12")
Back in stock! Manchester's Illum Sphere makes his debut for Tectonic
8.50 EUR  
Illum Sphere - Incoming EP (12")
The 'Incoming EP' is the debut release from Illum Sphere aka Ryan Hunn.
8.50 EUR  
Innasekt - Structure / Core (12")
Back in stock!
7.50 EUR  
Iron Man - Cyba District (12")
One of the top boys in the scene appears on this weeks sheet under a new alias.
7.50 EUR  
Iron Man - Train Wreck (12")
Already the second release from anonymous producer Iron Man...
7.50 EUR  
J Kenzo - Ruckus (12")
Roska's Kicks & Snares label return's with another cutting edge, bass heavy, club riddim.
8.50 EUR  
J.O.H. vs The Dream - J.O.H. Is A 10 (12")
The mysterious J.O.H drops a luscious and melancholy refix of The-Dream’s ‘Shawty is a 10’. Limited copies on one-sided vinyl only.
9.00 EUR  
J.O.H. vs The Dream - J.O.H. Is A 10 (12")
The mysterious J.O.H drops a luscious and melancholy refix of The-Dream’s ‘Shawty is a 10’. Limited copies on one-sided vinyl only.
9.00 EUR  
Jakes - Scanners (12")
Back in stock! With each new tune that Jakes produces, his progression and intent is evermore obvious.
8.50 EUR  
Jakes / Chimpo - Justice / Pump Action (12")
Jakes of “Hench” fame debuts on the Croydon Sin City label with some heavyweight business.
8.50 EUR  
Joker - Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Mix) (12")
Arguably one of the top ranking Dubstep releases of the past 12 months now remixed from Om Unit, ramping up the rhythms and hitting the hard-bap pedal with extra weight to create a wobbling headnodder fix with a touch of off-centre (un)balance.
8.50 EUR  
JSL - E500 AMG / Evolution II (12")
The 12" has been eagerly anticipate, JSL brings 2 epic tracks to this imprint.
8.50 EUR  
JuJu - Thief & Liar (2x12")
Back in stock! JuJu returns with this big 4 track EP
16.00 EUR  
Julio Bashmore - Batak Groove (12")
Fresh for the indian late summer some bespoke bruk beats and afro-houseing with tropical flexes guaranteed.
8.50 EUR  
Jus Wan - Azure (F Remix) (12")
Back in stock! F / Headhunter remixes... These two remixes showcase both style and class in a way that only F & Headhunter can pull off.
8.50 EUR  
Katy B - Lights On ft. Ms Dynamite (12")
Ft. remixes from Skream and Girl Unit. We already know her name of course...
8.00 EUR  
Kevin McPhee - Get In With You (12")
Next up is a 12" by Kevin McPhee, which also features an LV remix of Kevin's "Get In With You."
6.50 EUR  
King Cannibal - Badman Near Dark (12")
Back in stock! South London beatsmith Dylan Richards aka King Cannibals' tracks have been punishing soundsystems and causing structural damage around London for some time now.
8.50 EUR  
King Cannibal - So... Embrace The Minimum (12")
+ Dirt ft.Daddy Freddy on the flip! Not for nothing has Radio 1's Mary-Anne Hobbs has already declared the music of Dylan Richards aka King Cannibal "too dark!"
8.50 EUR  
Kondens - First Cut EP (12")
Kondens is a collaboration between Swedish electronic music veterans Andreas Tilliander and Stefan Thor.
8.50 EUR  
Kontext - Dissociate (3x12")
Back in stock! Ltd edition vinyl pressing. St Petersburg resident Stanislav Sevostyanikhin aka Kontext has been broadcasting his unique sound via a series of releases on the Immerse label since 2008.
19.00 EUR  
Kromestar - Off The Hook / Skaredem (12")
Yes people, he’s back with his latest project “The Other Syde” on Dubstar Records.
7.00 EUR  
Kromestar - Shot of Patron (12")
New label Together As One with 2 bangin' Kromestar tracks!
8.50 EUR  
Kromestar vs Hatcha - Road Kill EP (12")
Strong vibed dubstepper!
8.50 EUR  
Krystal Klear / Arethis - Green Silver (12")
Life is sweet, only this time it’s dipped in honey, because the label in question is the highly-anticipated vinyl manifestation of Dub Organizer, owned and - uh - organised by Cooly G.
8.50 EUR  
Kuoyàh - Angels Dub (12")
Italy's Marco Donnarumma indicated some of the potential of his Kuoyàh project with last April's digital release for Frijsfo, earning enthusiastic tips from the likes of Boomkat.
8.50 EUR  
Kutcaine & Ryback - Fratton / Champion (10")
Back in stock! Fresh Dubstep business from Manchester yunguns Kutcaine & Ryback for SMBC Records.
4.50 EUR  
Landslide - Dreams & Visions (12")
A step into the uncharted territory of Dubstep-Soul
8.50 EUR  
Late - Losing You (12")
Back in stock! 1 in a series of 2 new Late 12" on the Immerse label. This one is deep!
8.50 EUR  
LD - Ghost Story (12")
LD’s sound is his own.
8.50 EUR  
LD - Green Ranger (12")
'Green Ranger' eschews the half step template in favour of a more polyrhythmic structure
8.50 EUR  
Lennie De Ice - We Are IE Remixes (12")
Back in stock! Incl. Mixes by Caspa & Rusko, Hijack Rmx and Drums of Death.
8.50 EUR  
Leyton Breakers/Controlled Weirdness - Danse Macabre EP (12")
Excellent Argento-esque electro
7.80 EUR  
Likhan - Boston (12")
LIKHAN is the author of three sold out twelves on 7even Recordings, including the first release on the label 'Terre / Uwill'...
8.50 EUR  
Likhan - Qumran / Daoine Sidhe (12")
Likhan's back with a double A-side confirming his musical talents and creativity.
7.00 EUR  
Loetech - Hardwave (12")
Ltd. white label copies
8.50 EUR  
Logos / LV - Medicate (12")
Back in stock! Radial Productions is a new label operating out of London, UK, inspired by deep, hypnotic, space-oriented sounds from the world of Dubstep and beyond.
8.50 EUR  
Lone - Once In A While (12")
Lone’s ‘Once In A While’ has been one of the most in-demand tunes of the past six months...
8.50 EUR  
Luke's Anger - Rub n'tiz'zug (12")
2nd release on the promising new label from Luke's Anger (Tigerbass, Bow Wow, Don't). Features a collaboration with Uberdog (Varial, Werk Discs) and remix from Al Tourettes (Kracktronik, Growth).
7.50 EUR  
Lung - Afterlife / Time (12")
Back in stock! Kokeshi is the new label from Alley Cat, DJ/producer and co-director of ESP Agency with 12 years+ of music experience.
8.50 EUR  
LXC & Karl Marx Stadt - Space / Fuck (12")
Limited one off release featuring the mastermind behind the Alphacut label and the notorious Karl Marx Stadt on one plate!
8.00 EUR  
Mackjiggah - On the corner (12")
Dubstep on Kool.Pop!
7.50 EUR  
Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere (12")
Magnetic Man's third single “Getting Nowhere featuring John Legend”. Incl Skream and Breakage remixes.
8.00 EUR  
Malilone - Gina 80 (12")
Raised in the Parisian suburb with a background of multiple genres throughout her life...
8.50 EUR  
Manaboo - Delinquent (12")
The next single release from the Immerse label sees Brendon Moeller and Shigeru Tanabu reappear under their Manaboo moniker for some superb electro-techno and broken beat mayhem.
9.00 EUR  
Marcus Visionary & Santori - Black Panther / Noble Society (12")
2 tracks, ltd. advance copies!
8.50 EUR  
Mark Instinct - 15 Karat (2x12")
Dubline Audio's next release is graced by the talents of Canada's Mark Instinct.
14.00 EUR  
Markomen vs Asimilon - Dreadlock Dislocation (12")
Different styles going on here, propa wonky psychadelic dubstep and a heavy bass banger with a mad acid twist
8.50 EUR  
Marschmellow - Mess Around With Me / Reel Simple (12")
Marchmellow make their Freaks Of Nature debut with a rather tasty slab of Dubstep.
7.50 EUR  
Martin Kemp - Wot U Got (12")
Back in stock! To celebrate the 4th Robots release, we locked Martin Kemp in a small room and told him to make a club smasher like Citizens Dub...
8.50 EUR  
Martyn & Mike Slott - Collabs 1 (12")
First 12" in an exciting new series from All City - 'Collabs' joins the label's favorite musical minds together
9.00 EUR  
Matka - The Killers Playground (12")
Apart from 3 tracks back in 2004 for the Hymen label, Matka has remained hidden from most of the public.
8.00 EUR  
Matt Green & D-Formed - Final Straw (12")
Dark basslines paired with crispy stepping beats are the order of the day here
8.50 EUR  
Matt Green & D-Formed - Get Down (12")
2 of the UKs finest Dubstep producers strike again with their awesome sound on Base Corrupt.
8.50 EUR  
Matt Green & D-Formed - Moment of Clarity Rmx (12")
Next in the Base Corrupt series brings us 3 great Dubstep tracks from Matt Green & D-Formed.
8.50 EUR  
Matta - The Lost (12")
Back in stock! With their debut solo record following several compilations and collaborations, UK's Matta bring the excitement back to Dubstep.
7.75 EUR  
Matty G - Rock Like This / The Scratch The Bass (12")
Old skool master Matt G returns after an all to long hiatus with 2 slices of b-boy infused Dubstep.
8.50 EUR  
Maybe D - Let Me Be Your Fantarsey (12")
Back in stock! Baby D 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' gets the treatment this time round on this ltd one sided 12"
8.50 EUR  
Mayhem - Split Second (12")
Subway presents their 2nd release by somebody who has been collaborating with DnB's Noisia!
8.50 EUR  
Metalboxproducts - Don't Let Me Down / Do What You Do (12")
Raw Horse with it‘s very first release sees the vinyl debut of London’s Metalboxproducts.
5.00 EUR  
Migrant / Matao - Fly Trap / Hulwatt (12")
Back in stock! Worldwide Babylon Vol.1 Sampler...
5.00 EUR  
Milyoo - Dasein (12")
Back in stock! This is Dasein, the opening potion of Milyoo's (aka Tommy Wilson) debut EP and the second release on Subeena's new Opit Records.
8.50 EUR  
Mistabishi - Printer Jam (Barbarix Rmx) (12")
Back in stock! After the massive success of the incredible debut album Drop, the Mistabishi story continues with this stonking bass heavy dubstep remix from shooting star Barbarix.
8.00 EUR  
Mode - Flight Night (12")
Newcomers Mode prepare to devastate the floor once again on the Z Audio label!
8.00 EUR  
Mode - Play / Hardwire / Merge (12")
Newcomers Mode bring the pain!
8.00 EUR  
Mode - Skam / At Night (12")
Mode return with another 3 tracks of booming bass, growly leads and shuffly beats.
7.50 EUR  
Mode - Workaholic / On & On (12")
New release on Dark Circles from Mode.
8.00 EUR  
Monkey - Badness / Jacket (12")
The third in the Rudeez series comes from Monkey - bigness!
7.50 EUR  
Monkeysteak - Electric Birdland (12")
Monkey Steak, the electronica duo comprised of Hanuman and Atki2 is back on Death$ucker at last ...
7.80 EUR  
Moves!!! - All Skate (12")
Ltd copies back in stock!
8.75 EUR  
MPHO - See Me Now (Benga Rmx) (12")
See Me Now is a sassy feel-good track with advice on self-belief and empowerment featuring vocal and instrumental mixes from Dubstep don Benga.
7.50 EUR  
Mr. Mageeka - Different Lekstrix (12")
Different Lekstrix is the next level House jam by Mr Mageeka.
8.50 EUR  
Mr.Me Booty - Stranger / Mr.Mee Too Remixes (12")
Back in stock! 2 Dubstep rmxs here
8.50 EUR  
MRK 1 - Feel Loved / Frank (12")
Back in stock! Brand new beats from MRK 1 on a relentless wobble tip built for the dancefloor.
8.50 EUR  
MRK 1 - Kill Zone (12")
MRK 1 returns with his prolific Contagious Music label and two brand new productions.
8.50 EUR  
MRK1 - Dirty Dubstep Music (12")
Having been perfecting his production skills for the last 10 years, Mrk 1 is no newcomer to the world of bass-led music.
9.00 EUR  
MRK1 - Summer Rain (12")
Here comes MRK1 with a stonker of a release on Dark Circles!
8.00 EUR  
Mundo - Big Up / Threat (10")
Dub Assembly is becoming more and more one of the top labels at the moment
8.50 EUR  
Mundo - Fear No One / Hear Youts (10")
Latest drops from Texan badman Jason Mundo for his neat Dub Assembly imprint.
8.50 EUR  
Mundo / Lifted MC - My Sound / Burn it down (10")
Barely pausing for breath, Dub Assembly unleash another 10" plate out of nowhere - Dallas, Texas.
8.50 EUR  
Mungo's Hi Fi / Itchy Robot - Fire Pon Di Dubplate / Playback (12")
2018 repress
9.50 EUR  
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Ranking Joe - Under Arrest EP II (12")
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Ranking Joe, Black Champagne, Lyricson, Dub
8.50 EUR  
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Tippa Irie - Ruff Mi Tuff EP I (12")
Back in stock! Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Tippa Irie / Omar Perry / Riddim
8.50 EUR  
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Warrior Queen - Bad From Riddim EP 2 (12")
Back in stock! Second in this killer three part Mungo's excursion on the wicked Bad From ridim.
8.50 EUR  
Mungo's HiFi / Phokus & Mr.Boogie - Tweeky / The Infect (12")
This one sounds massive and crispy. PIH's next release will feature the mighty Mungos Hifi from Scotland.
7.50 EUR  
Murderbot - Tremor Dub / Crowd (12")
Neo-rave genre-hopper is back with 2 Dubstep stormers.
9.00 EUR  
Mute-ation & Pyjama Pyrat - Encephalon Vol.1 (12")
Encephalon 1 is the first of four planned releases of Mute-ation & Pyjama Pyrat.
7.50 EUR  
N-Type - Envy / Can't & Won't (12")
Back in stock! Dubstep Don, N-Type is back with this double Dubstep header on Southside Dubstars.
8.50 EUR  
Neil Landstrumm vs. Ebola - Acid House James May EP (12")
Super-cool split release with Dubstep collaboration from Neil Landstrumm & Ebola, and two ravestep tracks from Sugar Experiment Station (Neil Landstrumm & Tobias Schmidt) .
8.00 EUR  
Neurosis Orchestra - Noir Desire EP (12")
Back in stock! Berlin's heavy bass duo Neurosis Orchestra strikes back with a 3 track 12" on Sprengstoff Recordings.
7.00 EUR  
Nevamiss - Space Yardie / Grave Digger (12")
Uptown Records Nevamiss comes correct with 2 tracks of bass laden Dubstep.
8.50 EUR  
Nika D ft. DJ Absurd - Felt the need (12")
French born Dubstep producer Nika D, incl. MRK1 remix
8.50 EUR  
Niveau Zero - Evil League / Rising Fist (10")
Back in stock!
8.00 EUR  
Noah D & Roomate / Babylon System - One Frequency (12")
Noah D comes down hard on these two tracks, expect hard crisp beats, killer sub bass lines, and atmospheric, reverb drenched samples.
8.50 EUR  
Noisses - Mr Buzzby (12")
Wicky Lindow's next 3 tracker comes courtesy of Noisses.
8.00 EUR  
Normaa - International Calling (7")
Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz once again partners up with the Jahtari netlabel for another delectable digital Dub 7"
6.75 EUR  
Numan - 7th Key / 501 Rmx (12")
New signing Numan, a 18yr old Dubstep junkie with a wealth of production knowledge and sonic arsenal to match.
7.50 EUR  
Nyabingi - Four To Da Fari (12")
A cocktail of dub and 4x4 drums gives this track a take on Dubstep that isnt done enough.
7.50 EUR  
Nyabingi - Shamanu / Bionicle (12")
Rising from the ashes of Hotflushs now discontinued side-label Scuba, comes the first release on a renewed imprint, Hotflush Two.
8.50 EUR  
Nyabingi / Gargamel - Napalm / Hotwax (12")
Back in stock! Filthy new Dubstep label Gracenote Network comes correct with 2 bangers for the floor
8.00 EUR  
O-Dessa - Deeper / Million Dollarz (12")
One of the greatest things about this sound, and all its variants, is how it seems to be able to fuse to all styles and genres before it to itself.
7.50 EUR  
October - Elephants / Medium (12")
Absolute madness from Immerse here, as October is released from his minimal techno day-centre to wreck havoc amongst the Dubsteppers.
8.50 EUR  
Optimuz - Brand New (12")
Brandnew on Optimuz Productions... techy, dubby, deep and basically just sick!
8.50 EUR  
Optimuz - People (12")
Back in stock! Tasty 3 tracker from Optimuz aka F1, wobbly basslines sit under bleepy synths and belchs
8.50 EUR  
Optimuz & Droid - Area (12")
Back in stock! 3 heavy wobblers from the Dubsteppers crew.
8.50 EUR  
Optimuz & Droid - Cairo / Stiff (12")
Down South Dubs second outing features Optimuz & Droid with 2 wobbly bangers
4.50 EUR  
Optimuz & Droid - Techno Synth / Ruff Neck Trilogy (12")
Another pair of dancefloor shakers, these 2 are wobblier than a drunken skateboarder
8.50 EUR  
Orien - Alien Bumn Sex (12")
The A side really means business dropping quickly into its ground shattering basslines and harsh fast synths with big beats.
8.00 EUR  
Orien - The Paradox EP (12")
Finally in stock, release 2 from the Art recordings... 3 tracks Dubstep!
8.50 EUR  
Pacheko / DJ 100mado - Figure 8 / Trance 8 (12"+CD)
12" comes with a CD holding 2 bonus tracks!
7.50 EUR  
Phaeleh - Cheki (12")
The latest from Formant Recordings is a globe-spanning affair, a split EP comprising brand new tracks from Bristol's Phaeleh, Vancouver's HxdB and Newcastle's Psychonaught.
8.00 EUR  
Physical - Let It Go / Contact (12")
Oh my gosh, big things here with 2 absolute killers from the man Physical
8.50 EUR  
Physical - Mine (12")
Hailing from France this new imprint is set to do big things, the debut single brings Physical to the table.
8.50 EUR  
Planetary Assault System - Remixes (12")
Awesome twisted stepping & a straight banging Techno rework
8.50 EUR  
Poxxe - Iono EP (12")
Heavy new release on the L.A. based Darkmatter imprint…
7.50 EUR  
Professor J-S - Red Mist Dub (12")
The second installment on the Boka Juniors series sees the Professor come through with his first EP for over a year and features 3 tracks of future minimal beat business.
8.50 EUR  
Professor J-S - Undergrowth Music Vol.2 (12")
Professor J-S continues his quest for next level beat science
8.50 EUR  
Protocol X - Our Storm / Screwheadz (12")
Protocol X at his best!
8.50 EUR  
RAkoon / Twisted - The Ghost & The Darkness (12")
Heavyweight new release on the Dub Bullet imprint!!
7.00 EUR  
Random Trio - Corruption (12")
Corruption - a dark, deep, bass driven pleasure.
8.50 EUR  
Redline - Brainstorm / Lashed / Missing Link (12")
UG010 sees another new artist releasing there debut EP on the Tags & Throw Ups series.
8.00 EUR  
Relocate - Dot Dot Dash (Buraka Som Sistema Rmx) (12")
The new release from Lisbon/Barcelona based Iberian Records sees the second part of Relocate's "Hard Boogie For Dub Swingers EP" hit wax.
8.50 EUR  
Reso & I.D. - Shifty (12")
Three cuts here from Reso & I.D., this one undoubtedly one of the finest Smokin Sessions 12"es yet
7.50 EUR  
Reso & Vent - Rumble (12")
All right.. Forget what you've heard... Reso teaming up with Breakbeat/DnB badboys Vent aka DC Breaks!
8.50 EUR  
Revolt Op - Srewedub (12")
Yet more wicked stuff on this label as Revolt Op drops two dark destroyers to this imprint.
8.50 EUR  
Rico Tubbs - Knuckle Sandwich Remixes (12")
Remixed by Muffler and Tes La Rok
8.50 EUR  
Riskotheque & Atman ft.MC ID - Hex / Heaven & Hell (12")
Here the mighty Riskotheque teams up with Atman and MC ID.
8.00 EUR  
Rob Sparx - Casino / Going Back (12")
Back in stock! Rob returns with another pair of slick, bass-laden rollers...
8.00 EUR  
Rob Sparx - Trooper / Bar 9 Rmx (12")
Rob Sparx is back with another track from his forthcoming album which is due to hit stores later this year
4.50 EUR  
Rogue State ft. Dan Man - Judgement Come (12")
Teaming up with Huddersfield based vocalist, Dan Man, Rogue marries the bassline house styles so prevalent in Sheffields 7 hills the more minimal and bassy sounds of dubstep.
8.50 EUR  
Rogue State ft.Bongo Chilli - Opportunity (12")
Back in stock! Argon bring the fire! Rogue State join's forces with Bongo Chilli for ragga inflected dance hall roots.
8.50 EUR  
Roguestar - Desert Orchid / Full Throttle (12")
Back in stock! Urban Grafitti head honcho Roguestar steps up to bat on the latest Z Audio release
8.50 EUR  
Rooflight - What Makes You So Special (12")
Ltd to 300 stamped white labels! 4 tracks UK Garage
7.50 EUR  
Roommate - Dreader Than Dread (12")
Back in stock! Lutetia Dubz the Parisian dubstep label is now introducing his second release.
8.75 EUR  
Roommate & Alien Pimp - Strickly Reggae (12")
Dont be afraid of the Grinch, embrace the Grinch, love the Grinch, slam the Grinch down on your tables and bust out a bit of Grinch.
8.50 EUR  
Rooted - Righteousness / Babylon Boxer (12")
High quality summer-dub rollers from Rooted on Wonder's Wonderland imprint.
8.50 EUR  
Rossi B & Luca - Don't Cry Soundboy (12")
Garage rave lynchpins Rossi B & Luca serve up the a ruff dance starte on 'Don't Cry Soundbwoy' backed with mixes from I.D and 501.
8.00 EUR  
Royal T - 1Up Or Shatap EP (12")
5 tracks incl. remixes from Martin Kemp and Bok Bok
8.00 EUR  
Rude Kid - Jack Daniels EP (12")
Ltd advance copies, 4 tracks
8.50 EUR  
Rustie & Joker - Play Doe (12")
Back in stock! Joker joins forces with rising 'wonky' star Rustie for this excursion in computer sonic warefare
8.50 EUR  
S.I.N. - Steppin Headz (12")
Ltd.advance white labels!
8.00 EUR  
S.N.O. / Sarantis - Pulley / Spark (12")
The A side features upcoming Manchester based producer S.N.O fresh from a release on London’'s Boka Records
8.50 EUR  
Sarantis - Meditate (12")
Meditate - This smoked out skankers anthem features rootical vocal snippets contrasting with glitchy digital anomalies that punctuate the track.
8.50 EUR  
ScanOne - Toolkit 02 (12")
After his sterling 12" of electro- infused Dubstep on the Studio Rockers label (under the Bionics moniker),
8.50 EUR  
Schema - Chutney Grip / Street Scum (12")
Next up on Wicky Lindows comes new Jersey-based quartet Schema.
8.00 EUR  
Scorn - Super Mantis (Elemental / Threnody Rmx's) (12")
Back in stock! As Winter approaches and darkness falls, the mighty Scorn raises his head once again as Combat releases part 2 of the Super Mantis series
8.50 EUR  
Scorn - Super Mantis (King Cannibal Rmx) (12")
Back in stock! Mind-bending new remix package from the Combat clan - new mixes from King Cannibal and The Wee Dj's.
8.50 EUR  
Scuba - Hard Boiled / Tell Her (12")
Back in stock! Hotflush Recordings' 20th release presents 2 tracks from Scuba's imminent debut album, "A Mutual Antipathy", which touches down on 7 April 2008.
8.50 EUR  
Scuba / Toasty - Space and Time Sampler (12")
Back in stock! As a small taster of the upcoming Hotflush compilation, this ltd whitelabel 12" presents a brand new track from Scuba, and a new remix by Vex'd of the Hotflush classic "The Knowledge" by Toasty.
8.50 EUR  
Search & Destroy - Candyfloss (Toasty Rmx) (12")
Back in stock! The Vex’d remix of ‘Knowledge’ is reissued here with a brand new A-side, namely Toasty’s stunning rub of the classic ‘Candy Floss’.
8.50 EUR  
Secret Agent Gel - Cold (12")
Back in stock!
8.00 EUR  
Secret Agent Gel ft.Warrior Queen - Body (12")
Back in stock! The sound of NYC in the present is urban motion
8.50 EUR  
Seven - Saturn (12")
After the hotly tipped SEEERIOUSSS doing damage on the dancefloors across the globe.... its time for the one and only Seven!
8.50 EUR  
Shackleton - Man On A String Pt.1+2 (12")
Back in stock! Since writing the suicide note for Skull Disco in 2008, Shackleton has made a well received long player for Perlon and remixed the likes of Harmonia and Brian Eno, Moderat and To Rococo Rot...
9.95 EUR  
Shackleton - Three EPs (3x12")
Back in stock! Excellent new Shackleton work on the Perlon label... 3x12" - tip!
26.00 EUR  
Shortstuff - Progression (12")
The man known as Shortstuff may lack in latitude, but luckily his beats more than make up for it with attitude.
8.00 EUR  
Shortstuff - The Summer of Shortstuff Pt.2 (10")
Back in stock! Part 2 of 3!
9.50 EUR  
Shroombab / Ka - Opium / Lust & Pain (12")
Brandnew release on Dubkraft Recordings - Dubstep!
8.50 EUR  
Shut Up And Dance - Outta National Taxman / Reso Remixes (12")
Back in! 2 new remixes, 1 from True Playaz' Taxman and 1 from Dubstep supremo Reso
8.50 EUR  
Shuttle - Tunnel (12")
Welcome to the brave new world of Shuttle.
8.50 EUR  
Si Begg - Jetlag & Tinnitus Reworks (12")
Back in stock! Ltd vinyl edition features the most downloaded remixes from the Reworks series
8.50 EUR  
Si Begg - Jetlag And Tinnitus Part 2 (12")
Back in stock! Number 2 in Si Beggs new series
8.50 EUR  
Sick Rebel - Regrets (12")
Blood Tribe consists of live producers and DJs based in London, Brighton and Bristol.
7.50 EUR  
Sidney Samson - Riverside Remixes (12")
3 remixes, 3 styles! TC Rmx, Breakage Rmx and Lil Silva Rmx.
8.50 EUR  
Silkie - Illegal Immigrant / Step Aside (12")
Very limited white label promos! Silkie provides his debut single on Cloqworq Recordings, which consists of two tracks.
8.50 EUR  
Silkie & Harry Craze - Favela (12")
Favela: One half of the track is a totally gutter bassline wobble!
8.50 EUR  
Silverlink ft Jammer & Badness - The Message Is Love (12")
No Hats No Hoods deliver their hottest plate yet with the blazing freshness of Silverlink's ' Love is the message' featuring Badness and Jammer.
8.50 EUR  
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix) (12")
Back in stock! Finally pressed on vinyl... Joker's remix been played by everyone you can think of...
8.50 EUR  
Simon / Off - Forever (12")
No slowing down for the Immerse imprint, here's their latest offering: 3 tracks from Simon / Off.
8.50 EUR  
Sinister Souls - Borderline EP (12")
These guys are blowing up! With already 1 release on Rottun Records and an EP coming up on SCUM records.
8.00 EUR  
Siprut & Bisweed - Ruined Town (12")
Smokin Sessions goes from strength to strength.
7.50 EUR  
Skitz - Struggla & Born Inna System Rmx's (12")
As anticipation builds for Skitz' long awaited 'Sticksman' album, be sure check this 12" lifted off the 'Remicksman' album.
8.50 EUR  
Sky City Rising - Try Harder (12")
Back in stock!
9.00 EUR  
Skynet - Exhale / Life of Grime (12")
White label! Deep dark business as we get the second release to this imprint from Skynet
5.50 EUR  
Slaughter Mob - Space Cruiser / Killer / Bark (12")
Ltd. white label copies! Slaughter Mob are back with another trio of spine shattering bass warblers...
8.50 EUR  
Smasher & Lewi White - Sideline / 2nd Floor (12")
Smasher & Lewi White take time out from their grimey projects to bring us a filthy slab of Dubstep.
8.50 EUR  
Soi - Brokah / Umpuajir (12")
For his debut 12" Belgian producer Soi brings some powerful, dark dubstep beats.
5.00 EUR  
Soldiers of Dub - Do It / Strike (12")
Full release
8.50 EUR  
Soul Sinners - Get Slew (12")
8.00 EUR  
Southside Steppers - When She Moves (12")
Southside Steppers' heavyweight beats with the killer MC skills of 2-Ice and Junior Lawless
8.50 EUR  
Spherix - Goblin / Dub Chemistry (12")
2 heavy tracks from Spherix on this tasty 12"
8.50 EUR  
Spiders - Spiders (12")
Back in stock! Following up Zomby’s Digital Flora, Brainmath returns with Spiders by Spiders.
6.50 EUR  
SRC - Goin Out EP (12")
Fresh from Birmingham comes young talent SRC delivering the 'Goin Out EP' for the Rwina imprint.
8.75 EUR  
SRC - Ryouko EP (12")
3rd release from SRC after EPs on Numbers and Rwina.
8.75 EUR  
Starkey - Angel (12")
Creative Space team up with Philadelphia's Starkey
8.00 EUR  
Starkey - Rain City / Beatingz (12")
Back in stock! Rwina welcomes Philly's illest, Starkey, back to the fold. 'Rain City' is one of those tunes that could only be the product of someone at the peak of their powers.
8.50 EUR  
Starkey ft.Durrty Goodz - Gutter Music (12")
Anthem alert! Mind blowing futuristic production from Philadelphia street bass hero Starkey and Durrty Goodz flying high on the beat.
8.00 EUR  
Stenchman - Dubnet / Cut In Half (12")
This might be one of the biggest Stenchman releases so far!
8.50 EUR  
Stenchman - Ur Pathetic (12")
Back in stock!
8.50 EUR  
Stenchman / Suspect - Seagully / The Crow (12")
Back in stock! Stenchman has infected his crazy basslines into many a DJ's sets across the world.
8.50 EUR  
Stenchman / Youthman - Signs VIP / Requiem (12")
Back in stock! This is a bad tune, an epic soundtrack builds and builds with the aid of bombastic sub bass which will crush any mans chest on the dance floor
8.50 EUR  
Stripper ft. DJ Omega - Stripper Theme / Akira Kiteshi Rmx (12")
This month Giant Pussy present a Stripper original, featuring Detroit’s finest Omega. The super-tight 808 groove sets up the tune...
8.00 EUR  
Subdivision - Apocalypto (12")
Back in stock! The SubDivision is a Italian / Hawaiian-based duo, recently played a show in Berlin...
8.50 EUR  
Subeena - Neurotic (12")
The latest release on Sabina Plamenova’s Opit label marks the next step in her creative path with two multi-faceted and intriguing tracks of her own.
8.50 EUR  
Subeena - Picture / Spectrums (12")
After a string of 12”s on a variety of labels including her own co-run (now defunct) Immigrant/Imminent Recordings this double-A of ‘Picture / Spectrums’ is Subeena’s debut release on her own Opit Records label.
8.50 EUR  
Subeena - Subeena EP (12")
Brand new release on Imminent Recordings (Formerly Immigrant Recordings) and this 4 tracker showcases the talent of Subeena.
8.50 EUR  
Subscape / J:Kenzo - Dominant Species (12")
Third in the series of Split EPs lifted from the Dub Police compilation on Scion.
8.50 EUR  
Subwave - Rain Dance (12")
Back in stock! Subwave returns to Metalheadz for a musical outing that will certainly have a few scratching there heads in wonderment...
8.00 EUR  
Sully / Bowzer & DZ - Heartbeat / Another Day (12")
Crazy old disco track reworked into a banging Dubstep behemoth. One not to miss!
8.50 EUR  
Suspect / Amusia - Partition (Gemmy Rmx) / Uproot (12")
Back in stock! In September 2009 Independent Music Network Carbon Logic launched a search for today's future bass music producers.
8.00 EUR  
Suspect / Switchdubs - Fish Need Water / Wagamama (12")
Suspect & Switchdubs bring forth the badness on Code Of Arms
8.00 EUR  
Suspicious Stench / Stenchman - Masterblaster / Beat The Banker (12")
New label Bovinyl Moosick with the massive 'Masterblaster'...
8.50 EUR  
Svpreme Fiend - Killer EP (12")
Back in stock! Following the T. Williams EP, acclaimed by everyone from Joy Orbison to Sinden, comes Local Action 002, the debut EP by New York wonderkid Svpreme Fiend.
8.50 EUR  
Synkro - Hold Tight (12")
Back in stock! New label Smokin' Sessions kicks off with a tidy production from Synkro
8.50 EUR  
Synkro - Lost Love / Good Times / Hold On (12")
Three more equisitely produced pieces of music here from Manchester
7.50 EUR  
Syntonics - Material (Bombaman Rmx) (12")
LoDubs is pleased to announce the return of Bombaman of Toronto, Canada to the fold.
8.00 EUR  
System - B (12")
Back in stock! System are Denmark's longest surviving electronic 'super group'.
14.50 EUR  
T-Woc - Delayed Responses (12")
Experimental tracks inna Dubstep style hailing from the Emerald isle. Check!
8.50 EUR  
T.Williams - EP (12")
Back in stock! Run in association with London’s Phonica Records comes a new label from the capital, Local Action.
9.50 EUR  
Taylor - Flux (12")
Melodic sound spaces of sheer genius is how I would describe the sound that is Taylor.
8.00 EUR  
Taz Buckfaster - Half Man Half Trout / 20 Red (12")
Back in stock! The fourth Rwina sees the light of yet another Taz Buckfaster 12 inch that’s going down in a true epic vein, one for the anthem horny jocks.
8.50 EUR  
Tech Itch - Winter / Stone Breaker (12")
Back in! Once more Tech Itch come with 2 dark destroyers...
8.50 EUR  
Temper D vs Balkansky - Clockwise (12")
Temper D, diversifying his sound from drum and bass to a combination of dubstep, breakbeat and fidget house.
8.50 EUR  
Tenchu - Motivational Poster (12")
Incl. rmx by Scuba on the flip. One half of producer duo Dubfiction, Tenchu graces the third release of nascent label Dub:iouz Records with two of his latest tunes.
7.50 EUR  
Terror Danjah - Gremlinz (Instrumentals) (3x12")
Terror Danjah isn’t a household name, he’s not as well known as Wiley or Dizzee Rascal...
19.00 EUR  
The Clairvoyants - Modern Day Slavery / Wonder Rmx (12")
Back in stock! Clairvoyants' 'Modern Day Slavery' has become something of an anthem for early adopting DJ's this summer
8.50 EUR  
The Eerier Child - A Blade In The Dark EP (12")
Back in stock! Beats and basses with balls. Dubstep driven into an abyss of intense tension.
7.50 EUR  
The Grey Man - Aquatic Life (10")
The first fruits of a new set of collaborations between Mark Broom & Gunjack.
8.50 EUR  
The How Screw - Keep The Fire Burning (Lennon Rerub) (12")
The House Crew's 1991 classic 'Keep The Fire Burning' gets a rerub
6.50 EUR  
The Moody Boyz - Witness The Day (12")
Back in stock! 'Witness The Day' is only available on limited, one sided, white label vinyl.
9.50 EUR  
The Others / LD - Quantum Leap (12")
Part 2 of 3, tracks originally featured on the Scion-Audio Dub Police compilation released over the in the States.
8.50 EUR  
The Others / Subscape - Robo Funk / Chomp Stomp (12")
The 2nd release from the Dubthiefs label is courtesy of The Others & Subscape.
8.50 EUR  
The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (ft.Wiley) (12")
Back in stock! Despite the cheesy original version this one holds 2 devastating rmx's by King Cannibal and Subscape
8.50 EUR  
The Subdivision - Interpretazioni EP (12")
The SubDivision round up some of some of dubstep's heaviest and dirtiest mercenaries for the latest Paradise Lost offering of 4 remixes on the Interpretazioni EP.
8.50 EUR  
The Subdivision - The Messenger (12")
The A-Side on this one is moodier than a manic depressive!
7.50 EUR  
The Unknown MOP - Ante Up (12")
MOP's 'Ante Up' reworked
8.50 EUR  
Threnody - Don't Give A Shit (12")
For this EP Threnody delivers some very unique sounds...
8.00 EUR  
Thrillbass / Ultra Black & Xian1 - Fucking Heater / Southwest Gangstaz (12")
Some heavy material here...
8.50 EUR  
Tittsworth ft. Kid Sister & Pase Rock - Wtf (Crissy Criss Rmx) (12")
"WTF" gets rejigged for 2009 by Deekline & Tim Healey in a big room electro house stylee and you'll find a mindblowing mix on the flip from Crissy Criss!
8.00 EUR  
Toy Boy - Quick And Dirty Volume 1 (12")
Back in stock! Sozialistischer Plattenbau drops the debut by Toy Boy...
6.50 EUR  
Trillbass - Trillitary Mind EP (12")
Fresh off his vinyl debut release on his own label Trillbass a very few weeks ago.
8.00 EUR  
Truth - Revelation / Lost At Sea (12")
Back in stock! Revelation is a complex arrangement of layered percussion and broad sound-scaping techniques.
8.50 EUR  
Tunnidge - Higher Forces (12")
Higher Forces' is an absolute foot stomper. Big kick drums, chirpy horns and a face-slapping snare.
8.50 EUR  
Turboweeked - Trouble Is (12")
Incl remixes from Joker and Bloc Party... track 'Holiday' on the flip
9.50 EUR  
TVO - The Dark Is Rising (12")
Back in stock! Brand new release from Marcia Blaine member, The Village Orchestra.
8.50 EUR  
Twisted - Erratic (12")
Back in stock! 'Erratic' is a grimey monster of a tune, the subtleties of the intro with its pattering bongos and stealthy pads giving no indication of the carnage to come.
7.50 EUR  
Twisted - Robots (J:Kenzo / Roska Rmx's) (12")
For the Sixth Installment in the Soul Shakerz Series we see the return of Germany's Twisted
8.00 EUR  
Ultrablack - Baynger / Roll Heavy (12")
The long awaited new 10 Bag release is finally released...
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - All Those Colours (12")
Back in stock! ltd repress
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Brinstar Rmx / Head Down Rmx (12")
From the lands of Nether comes a brand new imprint. Dont consider this a Dubstep label...
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Cherry Tree / Instrumental (12")
Another dubwise flavoured boot from the Jah camp...
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Cunt Trax (12")
Brand new release on the oh-so-hot Wireblock label.
8.00 EUR  
Unknown - Dubcrazy (12")
Back in stock! One sided 'Tribute' of a classic D&B anthem, listen and you'll see what this means...
6.50 EUR  
Unknown - Dying / Take U There (12")
2 Dub/Reggae vibed Dubstep cuts
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Eko Warrior (12")
Big bad heavy 100% dancefloor smasher business... laced with old samples from the depths of the underground
8.35 EUR  
Unknown - Ganja Roots / Instrumental (12")
The JAH series continues with another pair of Reggae influenced head nodders
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Get the F**k Up (12")
Pharoahe Monch gets rejigged here by one of the scenes top producers, summer time booty vibes. One-sided white label!
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Marked For Death (12")
Limited edition Dubstep label 'Marked For Death' is a project inspired by the 1990 film Marked For Death feat Steven Seagal.
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Space Invader / Human (12")
Just turned up unexpectedly is release number two from the Dancing Demons camp which delivers two grimey, twisted, heavyweight rhythms.
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Their Law (12")
Cheeky reworking of Prodigy's 'Their Law'
8.50 EUR  
Unknown - Weevil Series #3: Adult (12")
Last and final part in the excellent Weevil Series... 3 tracks...
7.50 EUR  
Unknown - Worries in the Dance (Re-rub) (12")
Another oldschool Dub Reggae tribute
8.50 EUR  
Unknown vs Movado - Money (12")
Back in stock! This one really is an assault on the eardrums!
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Analog Clash (2CD)
Back in stock! A continuous DJ Mix by 6Blocc + ltd edition bonus CD containing every Lo Dubs 12" release to date in unmixed format
16.00 EUR  
V.A. - Anger Management Vol.2 (12")
Back in stock! Music from Qualifide, Compound One and El-B.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Around The World Vol.3 (12")
Featuring a remix of Sukh Knight's club anthem 'Diesel Not Petrol' by arguably the biggest US Dubstep producer of the moment Noah D.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Art Attack (2x12")
Back in stock! Big 6 tracker double pack from the Art Recordings gang ft. H.O.D., Formula, Youngstar, Orien, Common Cense, Kush Republiq.
14.50 EUR  
V.A. - Art Attack (2x12")
Back in stock! Big 6 tracker double pack from the Art Recordings gang ft. H.O.D., Formula, Youngstar, Orien, Common Cense, Kush Republiq.
14.50 EUR  
V.A. - At The Controls Sampler (12")
First up on the this EP sampler for the At The Controls CD is ’Playtime’s Over’ by Decyfer.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Back & 4th (3x12")
With Dubstep's big push into the mainstream, stirring up all manner of hybrids, variants and mutations, it's worth remembering that some have been creating fresh twists on the current generation of global bass music from its very inception.
27.50 EUR  
V.A. - Beats from beyond (12")
Here is the brandnew Dirty Needles release featuring Kalbata, Crooked One, Controlled Weirdness and DJ M2J
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Bring Out The Big Guns EP (12")
Back in stock! Are you sitting comfortably? Well, if you are, stop it right now - get up - and move quickly to the dancefloor.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Built for boundaries (2x12")
Storming double sampler
17.00 EUR  
V.A. - Dumbsteppers EP (12")
Various Dubstep styles EP from Italy on this new label... music from A034, Hyena, Manual Destruction and Mbst8. Heavy material for sure!
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Dump Valve Allstars EP (2x12")
After releasing the grime album of the year (Wonder) Dump Valve return with a double-pack to get grime fans pulses racing.
17.00 EUR  
V.A. - Hyperdub 5.2 EP (12")
Back in stock! Part two featuring Joker & Ginz, Zomby, Samiyam
7.95 EUR  
V.A. - Hyperdub 5.4 EP (12")
Back in stock! Part 4 with tracks from Martyn and LD
7.95 EUR  
V.A. - Jahtarian Dubbers Vol.2 (12")
2018 repress
16.95 EUR  
V.A. - Kerb Rmx / License (12")
Back in stock! Kromestar, Jay Sweet, Flipps, D-Mize on the buttons!
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Modeselektion Vol.01 #1 (12")
Featuring music from Modeselektor, Ramdanman and Bok Bok.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Our Sound 2 (2x12")
8 tracks, the artists speak for themselves... must buy!
25.00 EUR  
V.A. - Outta Here EP (12")
Back in stock! First up is 'Jah Wednesday' from Janner and Snoman, currently residing in Belgium.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Rules of anger (12")
Back in stock! If you're looking for candies, then this is too Ruff for you!
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Slit Jockey Mix Tape Vol.1 (Mixed by Dev79) (CD)
Back in stock! Bloody hell!! Furious Mixtape Slit Jockey's newest strike
7.00 EUR  
V.A. - Social Circles EP (2x12")
Back in stock! The third release from Anti Social’s Cloqworq Records brings a spectrum of melodic and bass-driven productions to make this an all round must have for all serious Dubsteppers.
18.50 EUR  
V.A. - Space and Time (CD)
Hotflush Recordings is a label that from the beginning has pushed the musical boundaries of Dubstep.
16.00 EUR  
V.A. - Su Su Pon Rasta (10")
2010 revival of Naggo Morris’s and Trinity’s mid 70’s JA Roots Classic Vocal and DJ Ra.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Tax Haven 1 (12")
Iberian records comes out of a hibernation period with the a series of “Tax Haven” EPs.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Tax Haven II (12")
Music from MIgrant, Octa Push and Cardopusher.
9.00 EUR  
V.A. - The Croydon Dubheadz Pt.2 (2x12")
Limited supply, Dubstep Don's Hatcha & N-Type bring together the full Dubstep community to showcase their talents and rep their ends on the label and at the night!
17.00 EUR  
V.A. - The Limpet (12")
Tracks from Boxcutter, Funckarma, Hermutt Lobby and Kadah/Vresky - expect a mayhem of beats, energy and reference to contemporary genre without falling victim to it.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Vengeful Ghosts EP (12")
Back in stock! The monstrous track occupying Side A is a 2-stage remix of "Skip" by ScanOne whichs unites 3 strong producers.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - We Bomb Fi Dubs #3 (12")
Back in stock! Sozialistischer Plattenbau is gladly announcing the 3rd part of the We Bomb Fi Dubs series.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - We Bomb Fi Dubs #5 (12")
Limited to 230 copies only! Mr Boogie, Dipswitch, Neurosis Orchestra & Istari Lasterfahrer. Four more tracks on the We Bomb Fi Dub series.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - We Bomb Fi Dubs #5 (12")
Limited to 230 copies only! Mr Boogie, Dipswitch, Neurosis Orchestra & Istari Lasterfahrer. Four more tracks on the We Bomb Fi Dub series.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - White Line Vol.II (12")
Back in stock! The White Line continues with 5 exclusive tracks from 5 worldwide operating artists. Bob Humid, Outside Agency, Noize Creator, Ctrler and Az-Rotator
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - White Line Vol.III (12")
Number 3 of the limited vinyl series White Line features five internationally well known artists of the Breakcore / Dubstep scene... Igorrr, Mobthrow, Ebola, Larvae and Hello.jpg
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Wigflex EP 2 (12")
The Wigflex ethos is essentially “keep it unpredictable (and fun)”, with a soundtrack ranging from dubstep, tech house and techno to bleep hop, wonky bumps and, well, pretty much anything else.
8.50 EUR  
Vaccine - Fever (12")
The A side kicks it off with the High Grade Mix of Fever...
8.50 EUR  
Various Production - Trycycle EP (12")
Always with eyes and ears tuned to the future, the ever-prolific Various Production chose now to announce their first new material of 2009.
9.50 EUR  
Various Production - Wot You Say / Meskman (7")
Special offer! Latest release from the Various crew...
4.00 EUR  
Vista - Melting Time (12")
Advance copies!
8.75 EUR  
Vista - Tek9 / Ukodus (12")
Ltd white label copies!
8.50 EUR  
Von D & DJ Madd - Cold Night (12")
Back in stock! Two amazing tunes from a big collab from Von D & DJ Madd on the Parisian label Lutetia Dubz.
8.50 EUR  
Von D & Phephe - The Sunlight (12")
Subbalicious Recordings is more about sexy sounds between all the loud and noisy ones.
8.50 EUR  
Von D ft.Zhakee - Bon / So Many Faces VIP (12")
Hailing from the suburbs of Paris, Von D's soul soaked sound is an expression of his multi cultural roots.
8.50 EUR  
VVV - The Projects EP (12")
This second release from Glasgow's Fortified Recordings is a departure in sound from their first acclaimed EP by Dundee's Loops Haunt.
7.50 EUR  
Wagawaga - Goodbye Greens EP (12")
More wicked tunage from the Immigrant camp.
5.50 EUR  
Warlock - Window Smasher (12")
Back in stock! "Window Smasher", the lead track takes on the essence of late nineties D&B but reworks it into a breakstep mover.
8.50 EUR  
Wedge - Harkonnen (12")
Back in stock! 2nd installment on Paradise Lost. Three eerie tracks which should have a certificate 18 rating
8.00 EUR  
Wedge - No Surrender (12")
Back in stock! Deep 3 tracker release on 3.5 Records
8.00 EUR  
Western Synthetics - Engine No.999 (12")
New australian Dubstep imprint
8.50 EUR  
Whistla - Heaven (12")
The 4th release on the label sees Whistla wearing his 2-step influences proud with 2 tracks of off kilter garage beats.
8.50 EUR  
Whistla - My father and I (12")
Back in! 2nd release on Whistla's own label
8.50 EUR  
Wood In Di Fire - Jah War / Jah War (Militant Dub) (7")
For the Dub/Reggae specialists we have a rare warehouse find from 2003!
5.00 EUR  
Woofah #3 Mag - Reggae, Grime, Dubstep (Merch)
Last copies of Issue #3 back in stock! Latest Woofah issue incl.text+interviews with The Bomb Squad, 2562, Soulja, Dusk & Blackdown, Flowdan and many more...
5.50 EUR  
WTF - It's Bigger Than (12")
White label! WTF!? is the new project from Adam F and DJ Fresh, encompassing dubstep, house, hip hop, reggae, electronic and sampled music.
8.50 EUR  
XI - 000 / Slippin (12")
Back in stock! Toronto based XI makes his immerse debut having caught the eye with his recent release on OffRoad.
8.50 EUR  
XI - Atmospheric Pressure EP (2x12")
Back in stock! For the fourth release on Surface Tension Recordings, Toronto's XI steps up with the Atmospheric Pressure EP.
15.00 EUR  
XI - Light FM / Glass (12")
Back in stock! Formant continues to scour the globe looking for the freshest dubs available, and the fruits of its latest search can be heard in ‘Light FM/Glass’ from Toronto’s XI.
8.00 EUR  
XI - Smoke Signal (12")
Smoke Signal is a no-nonsense affair with militant marching drums and livid swells of buzzing static.
8.50 EUR  
XI - The Ghost (12")
Back in stock! Orca Recordings was created to deliver music built for the dance-floor that retains its integrity by pushing its creative and production standards to a new level.
8.50 EUR  
XXXY - Every Step Forward EP (12")
This, the fifth Fortified Audio release, continuing to chronicle the development of the mutating bass music emanating from the dubstep / house / garage hive.
8.50 EUR  
XXXY - Reflections (12")
8.00 EUR  
Youngstar - Formulation / Bongcat (12")
2Step / 4/4 Garage
8.25 EUR  
Youthman - Bombs Over Bagdad (12")
White label! 'Bombs Over Bagdad' bring scattered drum licks and humming b-line which will shack the clubs to bits
8.00 EUR  
Zed Bias - Ambush Riddim (12")
'Ambush Riddim' sounds like a perfect hybrid of the best of UK Garage, Grime and Dubstep
8.50 EUR  
Zed Bias - Solitary Drop (12")
Aquatic Lab’s second installment features the original dark breakbeat garage pioneer Zed Bias.
8.50 EUR  
Zen Militia - Sleepy Walker / Protocol X Rmx (12")
Back in stock, full release
8.50 EUR  
Zero G - Bass Culture (12")
7.00 EUR  
Zero G - Bass Culture (12")
7.00 EUR