Base Force One - Expenditure Of Excess Energy (12")
Hard Drum 'n Bass from the very depths ...
7.80 EUR  
Cicuit Parallele - Umani Autodistruttivi (12")
Yann H with a brandnew label
8.00 EUR  
Cyanide / Iso Brown - Split EP (12")
New belgian label Bruits De Fond
8.00 EUR  
Diskore - Up There / Virulence (12")
Excellent rocking Broken Beats... inna Somatix style
8.00 EUR  
Dj Controlled Weirdness - South London Bass EP (12")
Back in! Heavy bass action here ... this is South London Bass! the name says it all
8.00 EUR  
Fracture 4 / Capslock - Cremation (12")
4 tracks dirty hardcore and broken beats!
8.00 EUR  
Hecate - Massacre of All Identifiable Replicas (12")
strictly ltd. edition of one of Hecate's most intense records
10.00 EUR  
Hecate - Seven veils of silence (12")
vinyl version plus exclusive 7"
9.80 EUR  
Lilo - Lilo EP (12")
Lilo's debut EP, experimental hardcore
7.00 EUR  
Minion - Bored in the U.S.A. EP (12")
Back in stock! Out now on Darkmatter Soundsystem, the same people who brought you the dancefloor killing ADC - "Giammarco Fratocchi E.P."
7.50 EUR  
Moogulator - The Digital Anatomist Project (CD)
Fans of Autechre, Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares or Aphex Twin might like this one as it shows the diversity of the electronic music genre.
12.50 EUR  
Noize Creator - Dying World (12")
... we came here from a dying world ...
7.00 EUR  
Poxxe - Iono EP (12")
Heavy new release on the L.A. based Darkmatter imprint…
7.50 EUR  
Ripit - Disastrous (12")
Ripit (who released with Zhark) on a french label
7.80 EUR  
Ripit - Ripit EP (12")
french producer Ripit now on Zhark
7.80 EUR  
Senical - Initialized Vandalism (12")
The glorious Widerstand label is back and so is mister Lasse Steen
7.50 EUR  
Slutmachine - Slutmachine (12")
4 Tracks of electronica infused Breakcore
7.80 EUR  
Split Horizon - untitled (12")
Another new label, this time base in Detroit
8.00 EUR  
Split Horizon / Jstat - Void Tactical (12")
Heavy kicks all broken for maximum dancefloor destruction. Be warned! Detroit's VOID crew with their latest 12" release... tip!
8.00 EUR  
The Wirebug - The New Fangled Fandangle (12")
Brand new release by Dan Hekate
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Parazit (2x12")
Split release betwenn the YB70 label and Monkey Tool.
16.00 EUR  
V.A. - Systemic Audio Compilation (CD)
Contained herein are 15 tracks of the finest
12.50 EUR  
Vile Enginez - Constant Falling (3x12")
Recent addition to the Zhark roaster
7.80 EUR