AK Kids - Shree Bang Special (12")
If ever there was a group born for the Bad Acid imprint it was these two Scottish inebriates.
7.50 EUR  
Aura Anthropica / GDX - Drummondii / Want You (12")
These latest sounds out of Austria though offer a new heightened and elevated sound from those of the mid nineties.
8.50 EUR  
Beans - End It All (12")
4th LP & Anticon debut from former Warp Records artist Beans (of Anti-Pop Consortium).
18.50 EUR  
Bong-Ra - I Am the God of Hellfire (2x12")
12" double vinyl on Ad Noiseam
13.50 EUR  
Carlos y Gaby / GB - Los Angeles Series 5/10 (10")
Reaching the halfway point in the series we take it down a notch to usher in the summer with Carlos Nino, Gaby Hernadez & GB.
8.50 EUR  
CLP - Strictly Confidential (12")
CLP (Chris De Luca and Phono) are coming off their highly acclaimed "Supercontinental" album release with some selected works and special bits for the ever popular Sugarcane Recordings imprint.
8.50 EUR  
Coleman / Ta'Raach - L.A. Series 9/10 (10")
On the 9th and before last of the 10" series of All City Coleman and Ta'Raach drop 10 hip hop grooves. Check!
8.50 EUR  
Coleman / Ta'Raach - L.A. Series 9/10 (10")
On the 9th and before last of the 10" series of All City Coleman and Ta'Raach drop 10 hip hop grooves. Check!
8.50 EUR  
Dâm-Funk / Computer Jay - Los Angeles 7/10 (10")
Masterblaster band members, Dam-Funk (Stones Throw) and Computer Jay (Ramp) each deliver a solid side of synth science on this latest in the All City L.A. Series.
8.50 EUR  
Dimlite - A/DD (12")
Back in stock! Swiss producer Dimlite with his debut EP from 2003! Downtempo, abstract HipHop beats. A perfect re-discovery for 2009
7.50 EUR  
Duffstep - Getting To Sirius Rmx's #3 (12")
Back in stock! The 3rd and final remix EP, with mixes from FaltyDL, Young Montana & Eliphino...
9.00 EUR  
Enduser - Calling the vultures (CD)
Wohaa! New Enduser album on Sublight
12.50 EUR  
Eskmo / Eprom - Lands & Bones / Hendt (12")
Double A-side 12" featuring two much-hyped San Franciscan producers...
8.50 EUR  
Exile - Radio (2x12")
Back in stock! Radio is not your average instrumental album.
18.50 EUR  
Exile - Stay Tuned / It's Coming Down (12")
8.50 EUR  
Fool - Drama Remixes (12")
On the buttons: Rustie, Chris De Luca v Phon.O, Name & Relucto.
8.50 EUR  
Harmonic 313 - Battlestar (12")
Back in stock! Lifted from the album 'When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence'. Original and Remix versions!
8.50 EUR  
HouseShoes / Jordan Rockwell - L.A. Series 4/10 (10")
Back in stock! 4th 10 of the series sees us take a trip to the West Coast via Detroit, Michigan.
8.50 EUR  
Hovatron - Let's Get Wet / Gold Star Radiation (7")
Lo Fi Funk’s third release comes courtesy of the young hiperactive Hovatron. In his breeding ground of montreal hovatron hosts the Turbocrunk nights...
6.50 EUR  
I.N.T. - Dickriders / Spread Luv (12")
Back in stock! I.N.T. has been at it for a while although this is only his 2nd release to date.
8.00 EUR  
I.N.T. - Honey Hitters (12")
I.N.T saved his most chilled out beats for this release. A collection of warm and spacious beats.
12.50 EUR  
Illum Sphere - Incoming EP (12")
The 'Incoming EP' is the debut release from Illum Sphere aka Ryan Hunn.
8.50 EUR  
Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots Juice (12")
Very limited vinyl release with 4 remixes lifted off the Froots Juice Remix compilation (Invitro012 2CD). Be quick, only 300 pressed!
8.50 EUR  
Kingsize Cone - Live at Jardin Moderne (CD)
One half of Rotator, this CD holds a Liveperformance and a mix
9.80 EUR  
Mad EP & Area Filthy One - Brimstone Bangerz (12")
Mad EP's beats were road tested before finally submitting them to Area Filthy One. The result is a collection of 3 apocalyptic anthems (plus a heavyweight remix by Akira Kiteshi) for ultimate dancefloor destruction.
8.50 EUR  
Maxmillion Dunbar - Bare Feet (12")
Max’s first EP for RAMP starts with Bare Feet clipping sparse soul loops with epic flourishes...
8.50 EUR  
Muhsinah - Always / Lose My Fuse (7")
Back in stock! Following on from last years "Flunky" 45 on All City where she teamed up with Mike Slott, Muhsinah is back with some more of her favorite beat heads on the controls - LA's Flying Lotus and DC's 00Genesis.
7.50 EUR  
Mweslee - Eurocarne EP (12")
Nod Navigators welcomes back Spain’s Mweslee, the Spanish production wizard.
8.75 EUR  
Mweslee - Megaplast EP (12")
Nod Navigators: A label for Dutch beat creators and then came along a demo from a Spanish kid named Mweslee...
8.50 EUR  
Offshore - Aneurysm (12")
Back in stock! Ltd release, Offshore signs up with Big Dada...
8.50 EUR  
Onra - Long Distance (12")
Very convincing soul boogie track from Onra with Oliver Daysoul on vocals and more... Tip!
9.00 EUR  
Onra - The One (12")
Second 12" from Onra’s Long Distance LP comes with 2 extra special Detroit workouts courtesy of Waajeed.
9.00 EUR  
Paul White - Sounds from the Skylight (12")
19 track mini LP of instrumentals, named by the cats that hang out on Paul White's roof.
10.00 EUR  
Pursuit Grooves - Fox Trot Mannerisms (12")
As Badu as Erykah, killer like Dilla - post beats soul science is shown a thing or two in a surprise and yet deadly flex from Pinch's Tectonic, Bristol's ever impeccable imprint.
9.50 EUR  
Rekordah - Cherry Coke / Butternut (7")
Bristol-born and London-based producer Rekordah takes charge of Lo Fi Funk records second instalment.
6.50 EUR  
Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (12")
On the new UpMyAlley release Berlin based producer Robot Koch (Jahcoozi/The Tape) joins forces with San Fancisco based MC Cerebral Vortex (215 TFK) for some nasty bassheavy hiphop, futuristic style.
8.50 EUR  
Ruckazoid - Crush (12")
Weighty 2 track 12" from this ruthless producer! All City hook it up, yet again!! TIP!
8.75 EUR  
Shuttle - Tunnel (12")
Welcome to the brave new world of Shuttle.
8.50 EUR  
Slugabed - Gritsalt (12")
Back in stock! Meet Slugabed, he is a 12-year-old boy from Bath, and he does not like to get out of bed.
8.50 EUR  
Steinski - What Does It All Mean (2CD)
Illegal Art proudly presents the first and only definitive Steinski 2CD collection, 'What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective'.
18.00 EUR  
Sweat.X - I'm That Alley (12")
New single from Sweat.X incl. remix from Mike Slott (LuckyMe, All City). Played by Diplo, Martyn, Mark Pritchard and more.
8.50 EUR  
Take / Matthew David - Los Angeles 2/10 (10")
Back in stock! 2nd in this exciting new series.. this time from Take (Eat Concrete) and Matthew David (part of the Plug Research / Dublab crew!)
8.50 EUR  
The Clonious - Adroit Adventures (12")
The first EP of The Clonius, featuring a guest appearance by Muhsinah and a Dorian Concept remix!
8.50 EUR  
The Long Lost - Woebegone (Flying Lotus Rmx's) (12")
The Long Lost consists of high-school-sweethearts turned husband-&-wife Alfred (a.k.a. Daedelus) and Laura Darlington.
7.50 EUR  
Unknown - Just Don't (12")
Back in stock!
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Beat Dimensions Vol.2 Bonus 7" (7")
Low Limit (Lazer Sword) + Busy push it elsewhere, shrink the format and bump your speakers on this extra Beat Dimensions II vinyl release...
6.50 EUR  
V.A. - Echo Expansion (12")
Feat. Flying Lotus, Ras G, Daedelus, The Gaslamp Killer, Dimlite, Take and many more!
16.00 EUR  
V.A. - Hyperdub 5.2 EP (12")
Back in stock! Part two featuring Joker & Ginz, Zomby, Samiyam
7.95 EUR  
V.A. - Public Convenience II (12")
From the Rest Room camp feat. Psykotropp, Umkra, Stormtropper a.m.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - Tropical Heat Vol.2 (12")
Back in stock! Volume 2 in Myor's Tropical Heat compilation series offers another 6 tunes by some of the best contemporary Skweee & Beats producers around.
10.00 EUR  
V.A. - Wigflex EP 2 (12")
The Wigflex ethos is essentially “keep it unpredictable (and fun)”, with a soundtrack ranging from dubstep, tech house and techno to bleep hop, wonky bumps and, well, pretty much anything else.
8.50 EUR  
Vince Mack Mahon - Vince Mack Mahon (12")
'Forget nombrilistic, boring displays of technical skills and be prepared for some quality music. Look forward to hearing more from these guys.' ATM Mag
10.50 EUR