Altered Natives - The Bitch (12")
A north London born producer and DJ who’s been expressing himself through drum abuse and perverting genres.
8.50 EUR  
Andreas Tilliander - Stay Down (12")
Here's the next Tilliander release on his own Repeatle imprint
8.00 EUR  
Aramac - A Journey Through Time Vol.1 (12")
After a successful release of “Hurt inside / Intruder” On Sticks “N” Stones recordings, Aramac now returns with this new EP.
8.50 EUR  
Attaca Pessante - Make It Funky (12")
Make It Funky For Me the big track on the funky house circuit that’s been bubbling under for the last few months, is finally getting its release.
7.50 EUR  
Bok Bok - Citizens Dub (12")
Back in stock! Blunted Robots celebrate their third single with a great big cake, stuffed full of sound.
8.50 EUR  
Bovill - Transfesa (12")
Rob Lawrence aka Bovill returns with 'Transfesa', his second solo 12" for the Meanwhile imprint.
8.00 EUR  
Cannibal Cooking Club - A Taste of Humanity EP (12")
Possible's Music Cannibal Cooking Club
7.70 EUR  
Clouds - Timekeeper (Dave Aju Remix) (12")
Back in stock! Very limited one sided 12” release from RAMP RECORDINGS
9.50 EUR  
Cooly G / Scratcha DVA - Dis Boy (DVA's Hi Emotion Rmx) (12")
The label's sixth release is no exception.
8.50 EUR  
Cosmin TRG - See Other People (12")
Back in stock! The DC series continues with Cosmin TRG, known for his releases on Hotflush and Tempa...
9.00 EUR  
Da Halz - Quickly Disco (12")
another jewel from the Chud archives
6.00 EUR  
Dr.Israel - Hypnotic Acid (12")
as the titles says ...
6.00 EUR  
Echo TM ft. Echo Ranks - Skylarking (12")
Back in stock! For fans of Burial Mix, the very first release on new label Kanu Kanu.
9.50 EUR  
Echtzeit - CL Versions 1 - 4 (12")
Back in stock! Brandnew on Melted, the return of Echtzeit (check his release on Dipol Records)... 4 tracks of dubbed out Techno.
6.95 EUR  
Emi Ono - Kuru Shinju (12")
A brand new face on HF2: Emi Ono, originally from Japan, but now residing in Ontario, Canada.
8.00 EUR  
Frank FM - Motion Sense (12")
Back in stock! Melted Recordings #3... 2 tracks
4.95 EUR  
Frank Rumpelt - Variationen in Echtzeit (12")
Back in stock!
6.50 EUR  
Ghostleigh - Continuum EP (12")
Excellent new 4 track EP melting together Dub Techno and UK Garage with stunning results!
7.50 EUR  
Ginz & Baobinga - The Good Stank (12")
Back in stock! Future house, funky, dubstep, techno whatever it’s called I think it's safe to say, a corker.
8.50 EUR  
Greengoose Project - Holy Chambel EP (12")
recently discovered in the Chud archives
6.00 EUR  
Hackman - Bodies EP (12")
For their 3rd release Well Rounded bring you the imaginative and playful funky-influenced house sound of Hackman.
7.50 EUR  
Herman - Prototype (10")
Back in stock! Herman is probably the coolest artist name we have heard in a while...
8.75 EUR  
Heterocycles - Junotime (12")
the Chud archive presents
6.00 EUR  
Hizatron - Telescope Dope (12")
The new release from Wigflex is a showcase for Hizatron.
8.50 EUR  
Hypno - Go Shorty (12")
Following his debut EP on PTN, 17 year old Icelander Hypno drops his second release on RAMP Recordings.
9.50 EUR  
Ill Blu - Meltdown EP (12")
The first Numbers release of 2011 comes from the elusive North London production duo Ill Blu.
8.50 EUR  
J Kenzo - Ruckus (12")
Roska's Kicks & Snares label return's with another cutting edge, bass heavy, club riddim.
8.50 EUR  
Jaime Read - Never The Future EP (12")
A welcome return for Jaime Read who has been releasing quality deep house and techno since the mid 90's...
8.50 EUR  
Julio Bashmore - Batak Groove (12")
Fresh for the indian late summer some bespoke bruk beats and afro-houseing with tropical flexes guaranteed.
8.50 EUR  
Julio Bashmore - Batty Knee Dance (12")
Two brand new tracks from Bristol's emergent House prodigy.
9.00 EUR  
Kareem - Caspian Gold (12")
Kareem (known because of his ZHARK label)
7.70 EUR  
King Cannibal - So... Embrace The Minimum (12")
+ Dirt ft.Daddy Freddy on the flip! Not for nothing has Radio 1's Mary-Anne Hobbs has already declared the music of Dylan Richards aka King Cannibal "too dark!"
8.50 EUR  
Kondens - First Cut EP (12")
Kondens is a collaboration between Swedish electronic music veterans Andreas Tilliander and Stefan Thor.
8.50 EUR  
Kryptic Universe - Diffusion Tracks (10")
Back in stock! Excellent follow up to the now sold out MTD004LTD from Kryptic Universe a few weeks ago... check!
5.95 EUR  
Lone - Once In A While (12")
Lone’s ‘Once In A While’ has been one of the most in-demand tunes of the past six months...
8.50 EUR  
Manaboo - Delinquent (12")
The next single release from the Immerse label sees Brendon Moeller and Shigeru Tanabu reappear under their Manaboo moniker for some superb electro-techno and broken beat mayhem.
9.00 EUR  
Martin Kemp - Wot U Got (12")
Back in stock! To celebrate the 4th Robots release, we locked Martin Kemp in a small room and told him to make a club smasher like Citizens Dub...
8.50 EUR  
Milyoo - Dasein (12")
Back in stock! This is Dasein, the opening potion of Milyoo's (aka Tommy Wilson) debut EP and the second release on Subeena's new Opit Records.
8.50 EUR  
MJ Cole - The Riddim EP (12")
Simply put, the Riddim EP is a great big bowl of skippy beats, big ol’ driving basslines and catchy “riddims.”
8.50 EUR  
Modeselektor - Happy Birthday Remixed #2 (12")
Remixers: Rustie, Marcel Dettmann and Byetone
8.00 EUR  
Mr. Mageeka - Different Lekstrix (12")
Different Lekstrix is the next level House jam by Mr Mageeka.
8.50 EUR  
October - Elephants / Medium (12")
Absolute madness from Immerse here, as October is released from his minimal techno day-centre to wreck havoc amongst the Dubsteppers.
8.50 EUR  
October - Houston EP (12")
New minimal excursions on the Caravan label
6.00 EUR  
October - Raw EP (12")
Caravan Records' October takes a different route to the dancefloor with a cool and deeper tech house mover on 'Raw'
6.00 EUR  
Osborne / TNT - Outta Sight (w Luke Vibert Mix) (12")
Excellent Acid, Techno tunes plus great new mix by Luke Vibert
9.50 EUR  
Planetary Assault System - Remixes (12")
Awesome twisted stepping & a straight banging Techno rework
8.50 EUR  
Plastikman - Slinky (12")
New 12" release from Plastikman, shortly before Richie Hawtin is gonna release 'Arkives'.
8.75 EUR  
Shortstuff - The Summer of Shortstuff Pt.2 (10")
Back in stock! Part 2 of 3!
9.50 EUR  
Slackk - Synthetic (12")
Back in stock! Following up his massive "Theme" on Numbers comes the second outing from Slackk; backed by the debut release from Hervey Jenkins.
8.50 EUR  
Subeena - Neurotic (12")
The latest release on Sabina Plamenova’s Opit label marks the next step in her creative path with two multi-faceted and intriguing tracks of her own.
8.50 EUR  
Subwave - Rain Dance (12")
Back in stock! Subwave returns to Metalheadz for a musical outing that will certainly have a few scratching there heads in wonderment...
8.00 EUR  
T.Williams - EP (12")
Back in stock! Run in association with London’s Phonica Records comes a new label from the capital, Local Action.
9.50 EUR  
Taylor - Flux (12")
Melodic sound spaces of sheer genius is how I would describe the sound that is Taylor.
8.00 EUR  
The Clairvoyants - Modern Day Slavery / Wonder Rmx (12")
Back in stock! Clairvoyants' 'Modern Day Slavery' has become something of an anthem for early adopting DJ's this summer
8.50 EUR  
Tulmon - Synthetic Lab (Live performance) (12")
Back in stock, Melted Recordings release 002, one-sided pressing.
4.95 EUR  
Ultrasound - Heavy Roll (12")
Follows Deadboy's sell out debut. Wicked use of Robert Owens vocal sample on the title track. Limited edition of 300 copies!
7.50 EUR  
Unknown - Waveshape / Atrium Munitions (12")
Back in stock! Third in this popular series of under the radar killers from 1XA.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Bring Out The Big Guns EP (12")
Back in stock! Are you sitting comfortably? Well, if you are, stop it right now - get up - and move quickly to the dancefloor.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - DD2K (2x12")
Back in stock! Melted Recordings compilation from 2000 with lots of Techno, House, Acid and some breakbeat/downtempo tunes. Double vinyl!
8.95 EUR  
V.A. - Parallel Cat (12")
Experimental/abstract breaks and beats
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Tax Haven 1 (12")
Iberian records comes out of a hibernation period with the a series of “Tax Haven” EPs.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Various Seperatists EP (12")
Din ST, Jens Bremeier, Mas Con, Soapespierre
7.70 EUR  
V.A. - Wigflex EP 1 (12")
New label Wigflex run by Spam Chop with music from Geiom, Metapi, Hizatron and Taylor. WF002 about to arrive soon as well.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Wigflex EP 2 (12")
The Wigflex ethos is essentially “keep it unpredictable (and fun)”, with a soundtrack ranging from dubstep, tech house and techno to bleep hop, wonky bumps and, well, pretty much anything else.
8.50 EUR