Com.A - My Way (Singles/Remixes collection) (CD)
Excellent CD collection
14.50 EUR  
Dee Work - Under Dev (12")
Back in stock! Experimental electronics
8.00 EUR  
Escape Now! - St.Anorak (12")
St.Anorak is a 5 track EP with a constant flow from one track to another
5.00 EUR  
Gridlock/Steel - Connected #4 (12")
#4 connects Gridlock (San Francisco) and Martin Damm (Biochip C/Speedfreak)
7.70 EUR  
Rusuden - Formulae Remixes (CD)
Since Formulaes debut full length
13.50 EUR  
Toxedo - Remote Closeness EP (12")
2nd release on this electronica label
7.50 EUR  
Unit - Hello My Name Is (CD)
4 track CD digipack ...
9.50 EUR  
Unit - I came here to tell you how its going to begin (CD)
Back in stock! Finally after 4 years comes the new UNIT full length
13.50 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (2x12")
Essential electronica release for the first time on vinyl ...
8.00 EUR  
Unit - The Narcoleptic Symphony (CD)
Back in stock!! "Revealing songs textured ...
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Bee! (CD)
Very nice electronica compilation
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - The 7 Seals of Suburban City (CD)
Collaboration release between Sleepy City and Suburban Trash
4.00 EUR  
V.A. - Voxxx Series A (12")
Voxxxx Series A will consist of this 12" and 5 forthcoming EPs.
7.70 EUR  
Velapene Screen - Medical Breaths (CD)
Following last years very well received EP "Velatision" on the co.ad label
12.50 EUR  
Velapene Screen - Velatision (CD)
CD EP on New Yorks Co.Ad.Audio label
9.50 EUR  
Vendor Refill - Sys.req EP (12")
Back in stock!
8.50 EUR