Al Tourettes - Troglodyte EP (12")
Stunning follow up to Al's speaker- busting 'When Bodies Collide' EP and features genre-defying remixes from Silicon Scally and Volum.
8.50 EUR  
Angelo Poggi & Gabriele Rizzo - Sky 3 (12")
An old warehouse find, experimental electro tunes on the italian ELEX imprint
6.90 EUR  
Automat - Black Star (12")
Ltd 300, one-sided 12" on Point B Recordings.
8.50 EUR  
Bill Corey - Greatest Tits (12")
Warning! This album is rubbish!
8.00 EUR  
Bitstream - Severed (12")
Back in stock! Brothers Steve and Dave Connor have been releasing 12"s as Bitstream since 1998.
8.50 EUR  
Brandtkalk - Opus Nigra (12")
Heavy experimental electro styles!
8.50 EUR  
Bruno Belluomini / Ipiki Ookami - Gent - Sao Paulo EP (12")
Back in! New label "Unity" bringing electro and dubstep together
8.00 EUR  
CLP - Strictly Confidential (12")
CLP (Chris De Luca and Phono) are coming off their highly acclaimed "Supercontinental" album release with some selected works and special bits for the ever popular Sugarcane Recordings imprint.
8.50 EUR  
Daniel Savio - Nekropolis (12"+CD)
The end is coming. We all know it! Brand new Skweee album from Daniel Savio, his 2nd effort for Losonofono. Includes a CD.
15.00 EUR  
Daniel Savio - Nightmare Food (7")
Back in stock! One day, someone will come along and write the big book of funky.
6.25 EUR  
Debonaire / Breezy Beat MC - Bass Re-Generator (12")
Original electro vocoder classic from Dynamix II reworked with two impressive versions...
9.00 EUR  
Dj Controlled Weirdness - South London Bass EP (12")
Back in! Heavy bass action here ... this is South London Bass! the name says it all
8.00 EUR  
DMX Krew - Snow Cub (12")
Back in stock! Ltd repress by demand, long-awaited return of one of the UK 's most respected electronic labels.
8.50 EUR  
EDMX - Quantised Universe (12")
Back in stock! Breakin' boss Ed DMX supplies six tracks of freaked-out modular synth madness...
8.50 EUR  
Eero Johannes - Eero Johannes (CD)
CD version, finnish skweee producer Eero Johannes debuts on Planet µ
16.50 EUR  
Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (2009 Mixes) (12")
Back in stock! Celebrating 20 years of Hip-House, Fast Eddie's seminal tune gets a block-rocking re-rub and 2009 up-date from production duo: Tim Healey and Deekline in this belter of a release.
8.00 EUR  
Flint Kids - Anagram (12")
Debut release from new London label, Interakt. Top draw glitched up electro breaks...
8.50 EUR  
Frank Rumpelt - Variationen in Echtzeit (12")
Back in stock!
6.50 EUR  
Hac(k) The Tab - ... is Bac(k) (12")
2nd single on Kracktronik from the lysergic Norwegian duo
8.50 EUR  
Ikeaboy - Metanoia Vol.1 (12")
5 track EP from Ikeaboy with storming remixes from Sir Real (Kracktronik, Satamile, Hymen) and Warren Daly Invisible Agent).
8.50 EUR  
Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots Juice (12")
Very limited vinyl release with 4 remixes lifted off the Froots Juice Remix compilation (Invitro012 2CD). Be quick, only 300 pressed!
8.50 EUR  
Leyton Breakers/Controlled Weirdness - Danse Macabre EP (12")
Excellent Argento-esque electro
7.80 EUR  
Luke's Anger - Rub n'tiz'zug (12")
2nd release on the promising new label from Luke's Anger (Tigerbass, Bow Wow, Don't). Features a collaboration with Uberdog (Varial, Werk Discs) and remix from Al Tourettes (Kracktronik, Growth).
7.50 EUR  
Lukes Anger - Dead like Elvis (12")
The BowWow label with its 5th release ...
8.00 EUR  
Manasyt - Filth Donor (12")
Back in stock! Terminal Dusk is proud to present the sounds of Manasyt's Detroit electro-industrial hybrid LP, Filthdonor.
7.50 EUR  
Marco Bernardi - Morpheusis (12")
No bullshit... serious hydraulic electro-techno for the frustrated mind.
8.50 EUR  
Marco Bernardi - Welcome to my world (12")
How much frustration can you handle... this is Frustrated Funk in full effect.
8.50 EUR  
Mesak - School of Mesak (12")
Back in stock! Brand new release on Harmönia after the highly recommended International Skweee Vol.2 compilation from december 2009 (HRMN-10).
14.00 EUR  
Michael Bruce - Lo Snap / Fiskemelk (7")
Back in stock! Oldschool Skweee sounds...
6.75 EUR  
Middle Men - Ufology EP (12")
With 2 solid EPs already under their belt on New York's Satamile Records, Middle Men bring their 3rd long awaited EP to Battle Trax.
8.50 EUR  
Monster Zoku Onsomb! - Earth Eaters (2x12")
Ltd. gatefold edition! Also includes link to download 27 lossless-quality remixes of 'Earth Eaters' by Electromeca, Sickboy, Cursor Minor, Parasite, End, Toxic Lipstick & Ove-Naxx, Berserker and many more.
15.50 EUR  
Mr.76ix - Spirit of Man (12")
Back in stock!
8.95 EUR  
MVDV - CTRL EP (12")
New label Shipwrec with its very first release! Maarten van der Vleuten (MVDV) is a Dutch producer from the Netherlands.
8.50 EUR  
Poxxe - Iono EP (12")
Heavy new release on the L.A. based Darkmatter imprint…
7.50 EUR  
ScanOne - Toolkit 02 (12")
After his sterling 12" of electro- infused Dubstep on the Studio Rockers label (under the Bionics moniker),
8.50 EUR  
Scorn - Super Mantis (King Cannibal Rmx) (12")
Back in stock! Mind-bending new remix package from the Combat clan - new mixes from King Cannibal and The Wee Dj's.
8.50 EUR  
Seep/Smudge - Drag And Drop (7")
This starts where Rolax4501 ended ...
6.50 EUR  
Silicon Scally - Wee Dissolve (12")
Back in stock! Carl A Finlow's Silicon Scally project gets the Wee treat... 4 remixes!
8.00 EUR  
Skeetaz - Fogrequing EP (12")
Astounding Debut EP on Spacebar Sentiments from Skeetaz (James Watts & Bil Bless). Also features a Limertimbre Remix.
8.00 EUR  
Solo Sounds - We're Chilly (12")
Top quality reissue of the mega rare SnJ Records release of the super funky 'We're Chilly' by Solo Sounds.
9.00 EUR  
Spartan Lover - Eye Drop (7")
The second in Losonofono's Skweee releases comes from Helsinki's own Spartan Lover.
6.25 EUR  
The Flashbulb - These Open Fields 2nd Edition (CD)
Originally released on Alphabasic
7.00 EUR  
The Wee DJ's - Get Wee Soon (12")
Back in stock! And here's another one from The Wee Dj's
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Assimilate This! Vol.1 (12")
Back in stock! After 2 years of silence, lost in the deep, dark void of space, Battle Trax re-emerges with 4 new cuts to devastate your planet!
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Automated Syndrome 1 (12")
Fresh new electro label coming straight outta Berlin!
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Bring Out The Big Guns EP (12")
Back in stock! Are you sitting comfortably? Well, if you are, stop it right now - get up - and move quickly to the dancefloor.
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Death & Taxes Pt.1 (12")
Fleeced returns with a killer 4-tracker and holds stunning contributions from Ed Chamberlain (Baselogic), Lief Ryan (Bonus Round), Paul 'Damage' Bailey (1881/HOG) & 5% Nation of Casiotone (Kracktronik).
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Fame Remixes (12")
The Spacebar Sentiments label with a heavy Electro 4 tracker. Silicon Scally, Wee DJs, Volum and Bass Kittens are the remixers.
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - Geometry (2x12")
Back in stock! It's been a while, since we've heard anything from the Touchin' Bass camp, but hopefully this nine track compilation of various artists will make up for the wait.
17.50 EUR  
V.A. - Monotone Compilation Pt.2 - Love (12")
Second installment of the 3-part vinyl series showcasing tracks from Exakt's mix CD "Lust.Love.Electro."
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Tropical Heat Vol.2 (12")
Back in stock! Volume 2 in Myor's Tropical Heat compilation series offers another 6 tunes by some of the best contemporary Skweee & Beats producers around.
10.00 EUR  
Voltaic - Abyss EP (12")
Rustie's last EP under the Voltaic name... electro biz!
8.50 EUR  
Wack Satellite/Virtual Jerk - Plug And Play (7")
Electronic disco!
6.50 EUR  
Yöt - Slug Hit / Feeling The Real Feeling (7")
Back in stock! Skweee...................................
6.50 EUR