202 Project - 202 Project EP (12")
Monkey Tool 01 (Toolbox Paris)
7.80 EUR  
A Made Up Sound - Shortcuts (CD)
'Shortcuts' is a killer set of twenty concise tracks comprising breaks, squelchy bass lines and jazzy synth lines.
14.50 EUR  
A034 - Unrecoverable Clusters (12")
From Dubcore to Drill Breakcore this EP explores various kinds of new electronic
8.00 EUR  
ADCSomatic - Sincromath (12")
Hell yes! ADC and Somatic Responses
7.80 EUR  
Air Frantz vs No-Tek / Middle M - Controverse (12")
Brandnew Hardcore/Speedcore release on the french No-Tek imprint
8.00 EUR  
Akoumno - Wild Boar Sausages (12")
6 tracks of crazy, noisy, cut-up dsp ...
7.80 EUR  
Angelo Poggi & Gabriele Rizzo - Sky 3 (12")
An old warehouse find, experimental electro tunes on the italian ELEX imprint
6.90 EUR  
Antigen Shift - Next to departed (CD)
New EP for Frozen Empire Media
11.50 EUR  
Big Joan - The Flood (12")
"The Flood" is a collaboration between Bristol-based DIY rhythm fiends Big Joan and a bunch of lunatics ...
5.00 EUR  
Bill Corey - Greatest Tits (12")
Warning! This album is rubbish!
8.00 EUR  
Bob Humid - Second Wind Phenomenon (2x12")
13.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Twisted Despairs (CD)
"Evil twin brother release" of Twisted Repairs
12.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Twisted Repairs (CD)
Here he comes ... Bob Humid (originally from Montevideo (Uruguay))
12.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Twisted Repairs EP (12")
4 Tracks from Twisted Repairs on vinyl.
7.50 EUR  
Bombardier - Live (CD)
Music and live vocals recorded at the SIN Festival ...
9.95 EUR  
Bombardier - VII (CD)
9.95 EUR  
Bottle Skup Flenkenkenmike - Looks Like Velvet, Smells Like Pee (12")
Best name for a band?
7.80 EUR  
Chuck Shite's - Dalston Uncovered (12")
The infamous TRASH label
7.80 EUR  
Cicuit Parallele - Umani Autodistruttivi (12")
Yann H with a brandnew label
8.00 EUR  
Datach'i - 10110101=(Rec+Play) (CD)
Datach's debut album
12.50 EUR  
Detritus - Origin (CD)
Back in stock!! Detritus’s second album, "Origin",
12.50 EUR  
Diskore - Darkmatter Mix 2 (CD)
Diskore mixes his favourites
8.90 EUR  
Dj Balli - From The Inside (12")
A collection of breaks, loops, weird noises ...
7.80 EUR  
DJ Balli - Straight-Edge Rastafari Manifesto (12")
What??? A Rastafari painting crosses on his hands!!!
7.80 EUR  
Doormouse - Major Changes (12")
Vinyl version of recent Doormouse album
9.80 EUR  
Doormouse - Major Changes (CD)
We approve of this recording!
13.50 EUR  
Doormouse/TZII - Slippery/Variation on Tango (7")
Night on Earth with a special 7"
6.50 EUR  
Dr.Phibes - And his clockwork orchestra (CD)
+/-G6PD records presenting Dr.Phibes and his clockwork orchestra.
10.95 EUR  
Einóma - Tvenna EP (12")
After three years of silence and six years since the highly acclaimed "Milli Tonverka" LP, Reykjavik´s Einoma return with a highly beat-driven and epic two track EP.
8.50 EUR  
End/Jason Forrest - Ladies get in free!!! (12")
Post Neo Rave Core ...
8.50 EUR  
Enzym - ABV/Re:besonderstrocken (7")
2 older tunes exclusively released ...
4.00 EUR  
Enzym - Fleischgericht (CD)
First ever ENZYM full length
5.00 EUR  
Enzym - Schrank EP (12")
Pretaster to forthcoming Enzym full length
5.00 EUR  
Enzym / Moogulator - Split EP (12")
Back in stock! Great new split EP from Enzym and Moogulator on Aentitainment. Intricate and eclectic, serious and pretty much heavy experimental music, Enzym is a master over his machines...
8.50 EUR  
Felipe and Forté - Eke Out (CD)
Popular & acclaimed fringe electronic musicians, Nick Forté and Dino Felipe team up yet again for "Eke Out"
12.50 EUR  
Harpsicorpse - Suite for Harpsichord (12")
9.80 EUR  
Hasler & Inami - Transmit (CD)
File under "Electronica / Ambient"
13.00 EUR  
Himuro - Mild Fantasy Violence CD (CD)
Funky beats and an intense atmosphere
13.00 EUR  
Hovatron - Let's Get Wet / Gold Star Radiation (7")
Lo Fi Funk’s third release comes courtesy of the young hiperactive Hovatron. In his breeding ground of montreal hovatron hosts the Turbocrunk nights...
6.50 EUR  
Hudson Mohawke - Polyfolk Dance (12")
Back in stock! After only releasing a handful of productions and painstakingly hard-to- find vinyl releases in the last few years, Hudson Mohawke has managed to become a much talked about producer.
9.50 EUR  
Illusionconsumer - Cleared Another... (7")
Brandnew release on the Zero71 label, 2 fine tracks of chopped and f*cked up electronics / breakcore pressed onto blue vinyl.
6.00 EUR  
Komori - Ramen Girl (CD)
Back in stock! After the well received appearances ...
13.50 EUR  
Kowareta Hyoushi - Mangel an Talent (12")
What has this to do with Japan?
7.00 EUR  
Lapsed - Lapsed (CD)
Back in stock! Lapsed presents a second album
12.50 EUR  
LFO Demon aka Mental Hell - Genocide Memoria (2x12")
Back in stock! New project of Berlin based artist LFO Demon
13.50 EUR  
Lilo - Lilo EP (12")
Lilo's debut EP, experimental hardcore
7.00 EUR  
LXC - The rise of LXC (CD)
Recently added to the cat, Trash Tapes 037
8.00 EUR  
LXXXC / TLIC - Three Four Bit Bits / Reflect (7")
Sounds like: Plastic Gameboy IDM vs Hippie Industrial!
5.50 EUR  
Mad EP vs RA - UltraFood (12")
"Ultrafood" is the new audio creation of Mad EP and Ra
6.50 EUR  
Meaning of Nonsense - Summer Snow EP (12")
Naoto Suzuki (Tokio) delivered a stunning electronica release.
5.00 EUR  
Modeselektor - Happy Birthday Remixed #2 (12")
Remixers: Rustie, Marcel Dettmann and Byetone
8.00 EUR  
Moogulator - The Digital Anatomist Project (CD)
Fans of Autechre, Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares or Aphex Twin might like this one as it shows the diversity of the electronic music genre.
12.50 EUR  
Mr.Incognito - Mr.Incognito (12")
A new label of Dresdens electronic community
7.70 EUR  
Mutant Milly&Commodore 16 - Natural Plastic (12")
Belligeranza is a subdivision of Sonic Belligeranza
7.80 EUR  
Nick Forte - Young Man's Disease (CD)
With previous releases via the Schematic label
13.50 EUR  
Noize Creator - Something Bad (2CD)
2CD release with a first flashback on the AU backcatalogue ...
13.85 EUR  
Norbert Weedloaf - Hijo De La Lune (12")
Crazy electronics...
8.50 EUR  
Not Breathing - Minotaur EP (12")
Back in stock! Half bull, half man, Not Breathing's Dave Wright ...
5.00 EUR  
Poborsk - Droid Topiary Frame (12")
New french electronica imprint...
8.50 EUR  
Rekordah - Cherry Coke / Butternut (7")
Bristol-born and London-based producer Rekordah takes charge of Lo Fi Funk records second instalment.
6.50 EUR  
Repetition / Distract - Old Weevil Neighbourhood (MC)
Old Weevil Neighbourhood is a sort of homespun musique concrete, the source material was gathered from various recording sessions...
6.50 EUR  
Richard for Cerebellum - Thoughts that breathe (CD)
also responsible for Slutmachine (Zhark12014)
12.50 EUR  
Ripit - Ripit EP (12")
french producer Ripit now on Zhark
7.80 EUR  
Saoulaterre - We Are The Warriors EP (12")
Return of the crazy french man Saoulaterre
7.80 EUR  
Seal Phuric - Zeals Archives (CD)
A compilation of Seal Phurics various unreleased stuff and compilation tracks.
9.80 EUR  
Senical - Initialized Vandalism (12")
The glorious Widerstand label is back and so is mister Lasse Steen
7.50 EUR  
Slepcy - We are the newest battle models (CD)
Poland's Slepcy make music that is heavy on melody ...
13.50 EUR  
Soplerfo - EP for dogs (12")
incl Hrvatski remix
8.00 EUR  
Spyweirdos, Mourjopoulos and Floridis - Epistrophy At Utopia (CD)
Bridging sharp modern electronic music and attractive, human live jazz instrumentation into one very coherent album
12.50 EUR  
Sunao Inami - Repeater (CD)
The synthie wizard Sunao Inami (JP) here
10.95 EUR  
Sunao Inami - Use Up and Empty (CD)
Sunao Inami's 4th full solo album comes from his own label, Electr-ohm.
12.50 EUR  
Tetrix - Tetrix EP (12")
The future is now!
9.00 EUR  
The Man Unknown - Neocities (2x12")
12 tracks, a constant mix of varying styles
14.00 EUR  
The Wirebug - The New Fangled Fandangle (12")
Brand new release by Dan Hekate
7.80 EUR  
Thee Vaporizer - R3C4LC1TR4NZ (2x12")
before he released on Leipzigs Phantomnoise
7.50 EUR  
Thomas Christoph Heyde - HCMF (12")
Back in stock! Brandnew release on Phantomnoise this time presented both on vinyl and CD. Vinyl version holds bonus CD
10.00 EUR  
Thomas Korber & Kazuya Ishigami - Mistakes (CD)
Former collaborator with Sunao Inami (Electr-Ohm) and labelboss Kazuya Ishigami
13.00 EUR  
Totakeke - At the train station on a saturday evening (CD)
Totakeke return to FEM with a brand new full length
12.50 EUR  
Untitled - Index07 untitled EP (12")
Index drops a new experimental record
7.70 EUR  
V.A. - A Monumental Struggle of Good vs. Evil (CD)
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Différence De Potentiel (12")
french label Différence Symétrique
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Dumbsteppers EP (12")
Various Dubstep styles EP from Italy on this new label... music from A034, Hyena, Manual Destruction and Mbst8. Heavy material for sure!
8.50 EUR  
V.A. - How Good the World could be again Remixes (12")
Mini Remix compilation
8.95 EUR  
V.A. - Kobe Underground Festival (CD)
Festival Compilation: Avantgarde, Industrial, Gothic and Noise
13.00 EUR  
V.A. - Notochord: Sound - Impulse - Synapse (CD)
This very first release on the brandnew dutch NOTOCHORD label
12.50 EUR  
V.A. - Parallel Cat (12")
Experimental/abstract breaks and beats
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Parazit (2x12")
Split release betwenn the YB70 label and Monkey Tool.
16.00 EUR  
V.A. - Pink Ponies vs Blue Bytes (7")
From console gabba to blueskoolbreaks. Next strike on the Alphacut sister label.
5.00 EUR  
V.A. - Public Convenience II (12")
From the Rest Room camp feat. Psykotropp, Umkra, Stormtropper a.m.
7.50 EUR  
V.A. - The 7 Seals of Suburban City (CD)
Collaboration release between Sleepy City and Suburban Trash
4.00 EUR  
V.A. - We Are Bug (CD)
Italian electronica and much more.
9.80 EUR  
V.A. - Whitelines Vol.1 (12")
Experimental and stomping 5 track EP on the Aentitainment imprint
8.00 EUR  
Vile Enginez - Constant Falling (3x12")
Recent addition to the Zhark roaster
7.80 EUR  
Violent Holiday/Octopus Inc - Night Flight/Summer Slalome (7")
japanese Violent Holiday + additonal remix by Octopus Inc
5.50 EUR