8 / S.T.H. - Front Of Hell / Time Curvature (12")
Second release for the X-Tractor label, heavy DnB from Colombia!
8.00 EUR  
Alley Cat / Vaccine - Sweet Spot / Radiate (12")
Back in stock! Alley Cat, perhaps D&B's most underrated female DJ is back in the studio again.
8.50 EUR  
Amboss - Kompressorwahn / Avenida Paulista (12")
Super heavy new release from Amboss and his second one for Sub/Version!
7.50 EUR  
Amboss - Nitro / Razor Pleasure (12")
Ltd copies back in stock! At last: Amboss hits the shelves with 2 heavy tracks on the fine Sub/Version label
8.00 EUR  
Amoss - Alignment EP (2x12")
Back in stock! Amoss' Alignment E.P is the forth release from Touched By Records.
16.50 EUR  
Ancronix - Hook & Bling (12")
Last Ruff-Teck release by dutch producers Ancronix.
6.00 EUR  
Andy Scopes & The Sith - Drop The Truth (12")
Back in stock! Soothsayer has a monster schedule for this year and to start the year they turn to Andy Scopes & the Sith.
8.50 EUR  
ASC - Starkwood (12")
How and why these two tracks got pushed so far back in the autonomic release schedule is anyones guess.
10.00 EUR  
Bad Matter/Cycom - Jazzthing/Rude Bwoy Rmx (12")
2 strong track from Leipzigs ...
6.50 EUR  
Bazooka vs Dose D / Deleta - Hypnotize / Dynasty (12")
DnB/Dubstep release! Berlin based Bazooka comes correct with 2 new tunes for the Nasdia imprint.
7.00 EUR  
Blu Mar Ten - Natural History Remixes 2 (12")
2 more remixes, this time from Klute and Stray.
10.00 EUR  
Bob Humid - Second Wind Phenomenon (2x12")
13.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Twisted Despairs (CD)
"Evil twin brother release" of Twisted Repairs
12.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Twisted Repairs (CD)
Here he comes ... Bob Humid (originally from Montevideo (Uruguay))
12.50 EUR  
Bob Humid - Twisted Repairs EP (12")
4 Tracks from Twisted Repairs on vinyl.
7.50 EUR  
Capital J - Beat Boxin' / Rushing Crew (12")
Even more Jungle/Drum 'n Bass from Capital J
6.75 EUR  
Capital J - Bumbaclot! (12")
Ltd edition of 300, one-sided only!
6.75 EUR  
Capital J - Childish Games / Niagara Falls (12")
Canadian Jungle on the Wikkid label ...
6.75 EUR  
Capital J - Muthafuckin Star / Getcha Some More (12")
Whitelabel copies
6.75 EUR  
Capital J - You Ain't Got It In Ya / Murder Action (12")
2 more hits by this canadian Jungle DJ
6.75 EUR  
Chase & Status - Against All Odds Remixes (12")
'Against All Odds' is the next single to be taken from Chase & Status' debut album "More Than Alot"
8.50 EUR  
Craggz & Parallel - Metroplex (12")
Back in stock! The final 12" Vinyl taken from the Turn The Page album.
8.50 EUR  
Current Value - Into the light/Deep digger (12")
Lauded by many for his seminal xylophone amen twists, robotic drum mechanics ...
5.00 EUR  
Current Value / Counterstrike - Tektonik (12")
Current Value comes down with a bad bwoy tune entitled Tektonik which is a full on bass onslaught with heavy compressed sounding breaks.
7.50 EUR  
Cycheouts Ghost - Live Trax (CD)
Cycheouts Live recording
10.00 EUR  
Cycheouts Ghost - Romz 3rd Anniversary (CD)
Limited CDr release
10.00 EUR  
Cycheouts Ghost - Vikalpa (CD)
Vikalpa CD album (Grime/Jungle/2Step)
13.00 EUR  
D.Star - Evilution / Powerstruck (12")
Fallen Heroes Volume 2
8.50 EUR  
Digital & Outrage - Lifeline / Magik (12")
7/10 in DJ 'Like a livelier version of Doc Scott's 'Shadow Boxing'
8.00 EUR  
Dj T-Rex - Ignition/Firestarter (12")
Flexible Future = french Drum 'n Bass
7.80 EUR  
Dj T-Rex - Plasma Shield/The Spy (12")
Flexible Future release 6
7.80 EUR  
DJ Vapour - A Sting in the Tail (12")
Whitelabel! Following on from the runaway success of the debut label '36th Chamber Rec.' DJ Vapour brings the 2nd stage of the empire – 36 Hertz Recordings.
8.50 EUR  
Dose D/Panacea - Soulfire/Schwarze Puppen VIP (12")
SPECIAL PRICE! Berlins Highpulse label with its 2nd vinyl offering
6.90 EUR  
Ed Rush - Book of Sight (12")
White label! We are excited to anounce the first solo release for Virus co-founder, Ed Rush.
8.50 EUR  
Electrosoul System - Milkway Odyssey (12")
Both tracks have a big electro feel to them.
8.50 EUR  
Electrosoul System / Reborn - Deep Structures EP Part 2 (12")
Part 2 of the Deep Structures EP sees Electrosoul System backed up by Reborn
8.50 EUR  
Enduser - Calling the vultures (CD)
Wohaa! New Enduser album on Sublight
12.50 EUR  
Euphoria - Thought Control / Chaos Rave (12")
As the project name says ... euphoric Drum N Bass!!
7.70 EUR  
Eye-D / Kid Entropy / Ancronix - 640k EP (12")
This one took almost a year to arrive ...
5.00 EUR  
FD - Stack (10")
Critical’s beloved new-kid-on-the-block Modulations imprint draws up another naughty storm in the form of ‘Stack’ b/w ‘Sent Down’ featuring Script.
9.50 EUR  
Forbidden Society - Focus on Violence (12")
From the intro to the end this don’t hold back! Big bashy amen breaks and serious sub this is set to give you nightmares.
7.50 EUR  
Generic vs Aiwa - Elnar Rmx / Dioud Rmx (12")
DnB/Jungle on the Wikkid label
8.50 EUR  
Greyone / DJ G-I-S - Your Life is Meaningless (12")
Brandnew release on the Hardline label… heavy DnB as you would expect!!
7.50 EUR  
Hexer / Kodama - Back to Business (12")
Back in stock! Next strike on the Alphacut label... limited copies only, you know what to do!
7.95 EUR  
Hub - Entres 2 Mondes (CD)
Axcess Code with its first release: a Drum 'n Bass project
12.50 EUR  
King Cannibal - Badman Near Dark (12")
Back in stock! South London beatsmith Dylan Richards aka King Cannibals' tracks have been punishing soundsystems and causing structural damage around London for some time now.
8.50 EUR  
Line 47 / BOP / Throttler / Mendelayev - Thousand year descent into Ruffness (12")
Alphacut 008 features not less than 4 artists! Multi-genre, far-out-D&B, whatever you may call it.
7.00 EUR  
LXC - Rave is back (12")
Back in stock!! LXC, one of the so called inflexible guys from Leipzig (germany)
7.50 EUR  
LXC - The rise of LXC (CD)
Recently added to the cat, Trash Tapes 037
8.00 EUR  
Magnetic Man - Getting Nowhere (12")
Magnetic Man's third single “Getting Nowhere featuring John Legend”. Incl Skream and Breakage remixes.
8.00 EUR  
Magus - God of War / Feel (12")
Back in stock! Excellent hard DnB production by I:Gor
7.50 EUR  
Medium - Born in Pain / Disgusted Face (12")
The new Hardline finally landed
7.50 EUR  
MZE / Martsman / Napals - Blut / Jump Funk (12")
Here it comes... the latest Alphacut vinyl (on white vinyl). Already being played at BBC Radio1
6.50 EUR  
MZE / Unquote - Taorrizm / Ugly Face Of War (12")
Next in their limited series of 100 copies per release! MZE is back in business once again...
7.50 EUR  
N.Phect - The Sphere / Ultraviolet (12")
Brandnew N.Phect material, neuro style!
8.50 EUR  
Radio Bomb - Chip Jockey (CD)
French Radio Bomb crew with a full length
12.50 EUR  
Radiobomb vs Candy - I need therapy / Logging in (12")
Excellent Split by 2 fine artists
8.00 EUR  
Randomer / Paranoid Society - Down In The Woods (12")
Back in stock! Engine, engine, number nine. Back on the track, Alphacut proudly present two A-sides pushing a retro futuristic issue with all its ambivalences
7.00 EUR  
Replicator vs Disorder / Bazooka - The Killer EP (12")
Here comes the latest ...
8.00 EUR  
Reso & Vent - Rumble (12")
All right.. Forget what you've heard... Reso teaming up with Breakbeat/DnB badboys Vent aka DC Breaks!
8.50 EUR  
Rico Tubbs - Knuckle Sandwich Remixes (12")
Remixed by Muffler and Tes La Rok
8.50 EUR  
S.T.H. - EStg / God Is Dead (12")
Another first release from Berlin based Colombian artis S.T.H. - two tracks of excellent hard DnB.
8.00 EUR  
Scary & Bad Matter - Giant Warrior / Mayday (12")
Zack! Release 2 on this germasn DnB imprint.
8.00 EUR  
Shut Up And Dance - Outta National Taxman / Reso Remixes (12")
Back in! 2 new remixes, 1 from True Playaz' Taxman and 1 from Dubstep supremo Reso
8.50 EUR  
Sidney Samson - Riverside Remixes (12")
3 remixes, 3 styles! TC Rmx, Breakage Rmx and Lil Silva Rmx.
8.50 EUR  
Silent Witness - Brainedrain (12")
'Brainedrain' opens up with an uplifting sound scape of lush chords, tight beats, and bass growls that rises up to a devastating drop of titan like proportions.
8.50 EUR  
Silent Witness & Break - Kontroller (12")
Welcome to the third release on Triple Seed. This time, featuring the classic partnership of Silent Witness & Break.
8.50 EUR  
Soul Intent - Vapour Trailz (12")
Soul Intent is a Nottingham based DJ / producer who specialises heavy rolling D&B.
8.50 EUR  
Speakerwrath - Broke (12")
Australian DnB slasherlabel Hardline return shortly after the summer
8.00 EUR  
Spectrasoul - Melodies ft.Mike Knight (12")
Back in stock! 2016 repress
9.95 EUR  
Submerged/Sub Tera - Lady Of Pain/White Owl (12")
2 prolific producers from the Drum'n Bass scene
8.50 EUR  
System - Near Miss (12")
Ltd whitelabel copies!
8.50 EUR  
Tech Itch - Death Jazz VIP (12")
White label!
8.50 EUR  
The Flashbulb - Red Extensions of me (CD)
CD version
7.00 EUR  
The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (ft.Wiley) (12")
Back in stock! Despite the cheesy original version this one holds 2 devastating rmx's by King Cannibal and Subscape
8.50 EUR  
The Teknoist / Throttler - There's Nothing Here For You (12")
With numerous releases in their own field these two cross over tunes are doing damage on the underground scene
8.50 EUR  
Throttler - Offensive Segment (12")
Back in! The Nasdia label finally returns after a long break with their 4th strike.
7.50 EUR  
United Front Liners - Move Something/Concrete Drum 'n Bass (12")
7.80 EUR  
V.A. - Airplanes Are Safe (12")
Back in stock! New belgian label BLIND RECORDS with an excellent compilation...
8.00 EUR  
V.A. - Old World Disorder (CD)
Jungle Therapy release 04 is a Mix CD
9.80 EUR  
V.A. - Rigid Crash Compilation (2CD)
Massive double CD compilation
13.95 EUR  
V.A. - Six Sensational Soft Rock Songs (2x12")
...for Lovers! Obliterati returns with the 6th installation of their popular hard anthem DnB double packs.
16.00 EUR  
Vapour - No Smoke (12")
Hard and dark tearing DnB with Dubstep- leanings and heavy vibes
8.50 EUR  
Vile Enginez - Cycadelic / Tool (12")
Vile Enginez' new release on Sub/Version is a mind trip through devilish labyrinths of a myriad of sound constructions.
7.50 EUR  
Wedge & Shadz - Running Away / Guido Rmx (12")
Amazing packaging and music from Bristol based DJ & producer Wedge.
0.00 EUR  
Worm JK / Project - Basstard / Mofos (12")
2 DnB tracks
8.50 EUR