November / December 2007

Noize Creator and Dieter Költzsch are going to tour the US! 5 shows in Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Los Angeles. All info listed on the LIVE section.

Suburban Trash Spaetshop / Verkauf has already started in November. 2 new dates set for december: Dec 6th and 27th! Get your favourite vinyls at Dresden Wettbuero (im Keller / down in the basement). 9 - 11 pm.

Also Suburban Trash is joining forces with the Dubolution crew to get some things rollin' in this town. Dubolution starts all new in 2008 at Scheune Dresden. Expect some sick bass!!! Next Dubolution is Dec 7th at Gallery Disco.

And this years Bohnerwachs Session is gonna take place at Dec 20th featuring guest musicians Frieder Zimmermann and Friedemann Seidlitz alongside Enzym, Escape Now! and Noize Creator.































Fall 2007

Some more info...

Suburban Trash will start an evening sale, the so called Suburban Trash Spaetshop at Dresden's Wettbuero venue in november 2007. The 1st and 3rd thursday of the month with boxes full of new releases so everybody's welcome to checkout new records and cds spanning from breakcore, dubstep, electronica to all other genres as featured here online as well.

Also in early november the mighty Herrmutt Lobby collective will pay a visit to Dresden for an exciting liveperformance alongside Machtenzym (Enzym + Matthias Macht on drums). Don't miss this one... november 10th at Wettbuero. Its a saturday so no excuses this time! Plus Bohnerwachs Session in december featuring Bowa Allstars (Enzym, Escape Now!, Noize Creator)and livemusician Frieder Zimmermann and probably 1 more guest to be announced very soon - december 20th at Scheune Dresden.

Noize Creator forthcoming US tour end of november. Oh and Mr Incognito will hit the road as well and he got some hot new beats in his pocket! All shows/venues/cities will be posted here soon...

Releasenews still delayed but something's gonna happen this year for sure! Stay tuned...



Here's a bit of an update...

Tokyo's Goth-Trad just landed in Europe for another tour. For the complete tour please check the frontpage and for Noize Creator supported dates please got to the LIVE section. Apart from the Dresden show will be an exclusive Recordstore Session at the Hidden Track store on Tuesday Sep 25th. Make sure you're not missing this one!!

After all new music on Bohnerwachs and Suburban Trash earlier this year there's a couple of stuff in the pipe, all being planned and sorted out right now. It may take some more time before an official announcement though.

Noize Creator released 1 new track on the Aentitainment label. "White Line II" also includes music by Bob Humid, The Outside Agency, Ctrler and Az-Rotator. This fine 12" compilation can be purchased through the Mailorder as always. All other Noize Creator related productions have been pushed back but there will be some new material this year for sure!

Plenty of other stuff to talk about but we're gonna stop right here...



Spring/Summer 2007

Time to announce the new releases, shows and everything else...

May 21st sees 3!! new releases on the Bohnerwachs and Suburban Trash labels. There's swedish producer Christian Bjoerklund with an excellent album debut (a 'lost' soundtrack for a videogame), danish übernerd Karsten Pflum with an incredibly new 4 track EP and frenetic duo Society Suckers who brought all the cheese for your listening education.

As just mentioned, Bowa18 is Christian Bjoerklund with his CD album "The Lost Tracks". Only discovered last year at the very fine Norberg festival (SE) the music was written for an unreleased videogame back in 2003. Very unique, everything from slow to fast, dubby to rocking but just not your standard experimental IDM tracks! You're gonna love this one... Christian Bjoerklund also just released a free MP3 EP with the friendly guys from Phonocake. Its 5 tracks, 2 from his debut album plus 3 more unreleased bits. Download it here

Karsten Pflum's Bowa19 is a well crafted and dynamix mix of D&B, playful twisted electronica and soulful soundscapes. After last years "Idhax" album on Rump Recordings he delivers 4 blending tunes for the Bohnerwachs imprint. While it took quite some time to track this boy it was all worth the waiting...

And then it comes to Society Suckers' long awaited new vinyl release. Well its not really their debut with Suburban Trash as they already appeared on the long time ago released "Kaen Bin" compilation CD. This time they brought all ingredients to keep the party going... 5 track rave EP with cheesemonster inside. Click here for some soundclips.

And while we're talking about new releases... Unit's "Narcoleptic Symphony" triple pack got a limited repress. Only 100 copies of this outstanding electronica album. Go here in order to purchase this piece of wax.


Lots of good shows about to come, please click the LIVE section to be informed. There's the Bowa18 In-Store releaseshow on May 24th, Breakcore at Weltecho May 26th, Jazztronics at Wettbuero on May 30th plus Enzym and Noize Creator are teaming up for this years Japan tour in june (details on the LIVE page). And not to forget 120 Jahre Bohnerwachs on July 7th!!


All new releases available via mailorder through this site as well as loads of other stuff... you probably know by now. Thanks for your attention!!



January / February 2007

Welcome in 2007!

After a quite busy 2006 and still no time to breathe here's a short update of whats happening soon.

On February 2nd Enzym and Noize Creator's new project "Messing" will give their live debut at Altes Wettbuero all the way with Warp legend Clark, whose liveshow will be accompanied by a drummer (seems to be quite common these days) ... Messing is all about electronic, experimental music as well as diving into relatively new genres such as dubstep and the likes with the unique and twisted way both producers are known for.

Already a day later, February 3rd to be exact, a Suburban Trash Radiospecial will take place at Leipzig's Radio Blau. With the help from the fine people running the Electric Eclectic and Fakecore shows Suburban Trash will present all new, exclusive and forthcoming material plus recent released 12inches and CDs. This is going to be a massive show as there will be hot new cuts from: Enzym, Geroyche, Goth-Trad, X&trick, The Flashbulb, Karsten Pflum, Herrmutt Lobby, Meaning of Nonsense, Society Suckers, Sunao Inami and a whole lot more ... plus a special liveset from Escape Now! Don't miss it - livestream from the website here.

Clips for X&trick's long awaited debut 12" "Night Shifts EP" are added to the catalogue. Click here to check it out.

More news to come ...



December 2006

This is the end ... well, almost! End of 2006 and Suburban Trash likes to say Thank You for the great support this year. Thanks for coming out to Liveshows, thanks for purchasing some hot choons from the mailorder ...

The new year will kick off with X&trick's long awaited "Night Shifts EP" on Suburban Trash. Also still hot is the very new "Flexing Habitual" 12" from The Flashbulb. More recordbusiness in 2007 with Society Suckers (finally), Karsten Pflum, Enzym and much more ... you know its gotta be a hot year for sure. Noize Creator will be releasing on Aentitainment, Hirntrust in early 2007 and probably returns to Active Underground for another slab of vinyl ... you all have been warned!

Oh and btw January will see some discount action for the Mailorder and more important we'll try our best to keep prices as they are right now.

Take it easy and all the best wishes for 2007 from the Suburban Trash HQ.



November 2006

Again too long before an actual update here, sorry for that! Life's been hectic with all the shows and recordbiz ya know.

Flashbulbs brandnew EP "Flexing Habitual" (Bowa17) is almost ready for official release. Whitelabel sounded good so its just a few days or probably weeks till its proper release. I uploaded clips already so you can have a listen. Release this month for sure!!! Click here for the preview clips. This will be followed by X&Trick's "Night Shifts" EP for Suburban Trash this december. 5 of his tracks he's been rising on all recent shows he's played all over europe - an unstoppable force. X&Trick's music can be described as a mix of Jungle, Breakcore, Electronics and Hardcore. Carefully stired this will result in some devastating dancefloor action. Don't believe me? Well, then go to one of his shows and find out for yourself! He's been touring (again) this time with north american electronic wizard Wisp.

Talking about release news: a brandnew CD compilation holding material by Enzym, Sunao Inami, Flint Glass, Noize Creator and many more was just released on the japanese Electr-Ohm label. Simply titled "Electr-Ohm Compilation 1" this is supposed to be the answer to the next generation of IDM. Its all about the knowledge and usage of DSP ... check it out right here. Also Noize Creator released his track "Shock Defender" on Peace Off's Kamikaze Club 05 alongside artists such as Rotator, Sickboy, Cardopusher and more. This is some heavy Breakcore biz as well as the evil brother release Kamikaze Club 04.

Noize Creator will also be releasing on the forthcoming White Lines Vol.2 vinyl compilation (Aentitainment) together with Bob Humid, DJ Hidden ...

And there's some upcoming shows sheduled for november and december. Please check the LIVE page to find out whats going on. Also bits and pieces of recent liveshows were just uploaded so don't miss them out.

Next year's release shedules and all that will follow with the next update, hopefully! In the meanwhile you can do your favourite daywork: myspace. Click here for Bob Humid, Datach'i, Enzym, Geroyche, Noize Creator, The Flashbulb, X&Trick ... more to come.

OK, that's it for now. See you soon!



August 2006

Hello! Here's some new stuff i'd like to tell you about ...

First some recordbusiness.
Bob Humid released his wonderful Second Wind Phenomenon a few weeks ago. Some great reviews and interviews so far and upcoming shows as well in the pipe. But thats not all. 2 Bob Humid Specials just added to the catalogue so you all have access (for a bargain price) to buy his previous work as well (cd or vinyl). No excuses now!

The Flashbulb will return with a brandnew EP this fall. Flexing Habitual is the name and its gotta be real tough. A very nice and welcome follow up to last years Binedump EP on the Bohnerwachs label. For the curious among you: There will be new versions of Lawn Wake and Lucid Bass ... and finally copies of Flashbulb's split release with Aneurysm "Get mad now / I'll care if you do EP" have arrived so better be quick ... Benn Jordan as Dr.Lefty on a ragga tip.

I just returned from a show at the Norberg festival in Sweden. It was a very good night (and the others as well) with lots of good music and people. A liverecording of that show was just added to the LIVE-section as well as the set from Dionysus X ...

September will see UNIT (US) here in Germany playing a show in Dresden and one in Halle so far. If you want him to come to your town as well get in touch here and we will work something out.

In 2 weeks the Bohnerwachs label will make a trip to Leipzig for an all exclusive Bowa showcase featuring Enzym, Escape Now! and Noize Creator. Twisted and eclectic electronics could describe best what will be presented that night. You've been warned! Taking place August 11th at Moritzbastei.

Ok. I gotta shut up now ... only one more thing: latest record and cd arrivals can be found at the MAILORDER section of this site as always.



July 2006

Hola! Sorry for the lack of information lately. But i got some news to tell. Finally a new record has been released. Yes, its Bob Humid's "Second Wind Phenomenon" (Sti022) album and comes in a superior 5 color print and double sleeve! It took him not less than 5 years since his critically acclaimed "Twisted Repairs" / "Twisted Despairs" twin release and was all worth the long wait. You can buy it now on heavy double vinyl or CD ... MP3 sales info and some nice reviews will be up very soon. In the meanwhile you should really watch "We care because they won't" and "Shiny black bug" from Bob Humid's previous full length "Twisted Repairs". Ace!

Russian Roulette 08 Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave and Sti021 Cycheouts Ghost "Vikalpa" are currently sold out. Might be repressed in very ltd. runs after summer alongside some other goodies.

Summertime and lots of upcoming shows. End of July Noize Creator will be playing some heavy Grindstep/Breakcore at the Norberg festival in Sweden. Then in August a Bohnerwachs showcase featuring Escape Now!, Enzym and Noize Creator will take place in our neighbour city Leipzig. Followed by shows in the Netherlands, UK, Austria and more more more ... complete shedule will be up in the LIVE section quite soon.

X&trick, latest signing for Suburban Trash is currently mastering and mixing down his forthcoming release on the label. Titled "Night Shifts EP" and holding 5 proper tunes somewhere between hard Drum N Bass and Breakcore. Something for the floor ... you're gonna like it.

Currently in the talk are new records for Bohnerwachs and Dirty Dancing to be released after all that heat right now. Who it will be and when to be released will be announced here soon enough. Curious?

More hottness in a bit ... stay tuned but stay off the sun!



May 2006

Back in business! After a furious and wonderful Japantour with X&trick and the help of so many people I am back here and struggling with the music biz as always. But still I want to say thank you to the promoters, especially Sunao Inami and MGX factory plus everybody else involved in our "Run for your life" Japantour 2006. Selected livesets and such will be up soon.

This weekend (20.5.) the Pop Up music exhibition will take place and Suburban Trash will team up with the Ventilator label to present our catalogue. So if you have a minute you should come and have a chat with us. Later that night Noize Creator will be playing an exclusive liveset for the nice people at Radio Blau.

Also make sure you don't miss the official release show for Escape Now!'s beautiful debut 12" on Bohnerwachs released a few weeks ago.

Just released was a brandnew I:Gor double 12" on Strike records including remixes by Bryan Fury, Ram and Noize Creator. The record will be available to buy from here next week. I:Gor will perform alongside Noize Creator and thousands of other names (to be announced later on) on Dionysus X in Ghent at the end of June.

New project "Splendid Junk" just started. Its all about my hometown Dresden. This project is about music production of the electronic kind, using speech samples from an old record describing the city of Dresden. These samples can be downloaded from the website: ... so if you got some time to kill go to the website, download the samples and start making music.

So, and finally the forthcoming AUX2 triple 12" is being pressed at the moment so expect the release within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Over and out for the moment. More good news in a bit ... thanks for your support!



April 2006

Again time is running quick so here come some announcements for April and May.

Since the sun took over the darkness everybody seems to be on tour right now ... and it wont stop! Big news is the forthcoming Suburban Trash / BugKlinik JPN Tour 2006 with X&trick and Noize Creator. Playing a bunch of shows in Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama as well as being part at a music workshop at Otemae university in Kobe.

For Escape Now!'s debut 12", a release show will be given May 24th right here in Dresden. And a few days earlier Suburban Trash teams up with the fine Ventilator Tontraeger label (Chemnitz) to be part at Leipzig's music exhibition "Pop Up". Later that night Noize Creator will be playing an exclusive Liveset for the boys from the respected Electric Eclectic radioshow. All that on May 20th to be exact.

Suburban Trash goes digital! Selected releases from Suburban Trash, Dirty Dancing and Bohnerwachs are made digitally available thru the nice people at Yoosic. Yoosic is located in Berlin where they run a small recordshop and of course an ever expanding database full of music be it experimental, electro, indietronica, minimalistic ... whatever! Forthcoming Bohnerwachs release from Escape Now! is available right now with an exclusive bonus track only on the digital release. Check back with them for more backstock and new additions.

And of course some good music is around all the time (as you'd know). Go to the Mailorder to see whats hot. Much enough in the pipe as well but i will keep some of the secrets for later.

Stay tuned!



March 2006

Days and weeks have passed so finally its time to announce the news. Streetdates are finally set for a bunch of forthcoming releases:

Bowa11 sees Escape Now! with his debut 12" titled "St.Anorak". The so-called IDM scene is constantly dying, nobody seems to show interest anylonger. All kinds of electronic hybrids appear here and there so the question must be: why would you release an electronica record in 2006? Does it make any sense? Well, it does!
Having played numerous shows and working on music since quite a long time Escape Now! is one of those who lives far away and outside,
isolated from the smog and dust, crime and youth movements in the bigger cities. He creates his dark yet beautiful electronics in a recordstudio 2 floors under where he sometimes just walks in, locks the door and comes out (totally desorganised) after some days ... or even weeks. In a weird state of trance ideas pop into his mind (so he says). Once this process' started he physically connects cabels to his body and records waveforms. Waveforms he shapes and triggers and later uses for the creation of his music ... St.Anorak is his personal view on things. Randomly picked and produced within the last 3 years it mirrors his creativity and interest in electronic music. He's definitely a one to watch and who knows, you may have met him already ... aAvailable April 2006.

Drop Bass Network drops a new bomb with recent Dirty Dancing producer Dieter Költzsch and unleashes his wonderful distorted "Silberkistenmusik". "This ain’t your standard issue Drop Bass Network hard acid techno...this is 100% acid shit straight outta Dresden! In a twisted, humorous way it’s no coincidence that Dirty Dancing comes gallivanting in for our sixty-ninth release. Wine us...dine us...69 us baby! Drum machines rockin’ broken beats and little silver boxes bleepin’ and beepin’ are the name of the game. Sometimes old school and bubbly, sometimes dirty and distorted, the Roland TB-303 gets to strut it’s Patrick Swayze on the dancefloor. Have the time of your life!"

And so does Suburban Trash with a new full length by cologne based Bob Humid:
Bob I-can-tweak-the-shit-out-of-the-friggin-bits-and-I-have-to-show-off-with-it-or-I-burst" Humid is an addicted perfectionist. Some would say he is totally anal when it comes to object-based audio-editing & production deepness, but his fans just mainly enjoy the acribic effort and his filigreeish soundwork where every track has a new set of very personal high-tech sounds and moods. Bob pushed MIDI-blocks and EQ-buttons since 1987 when he favourised a very sexy KORG DS-8 to a boring motorcycle that his careing parents had planned for his 18th birthday. Yes, we really didn´t hear much since his highly-acclaimed IDM / Drill´n´Bass german doube-release "Twisted repairs / Despairs" back in 2001, but the silence is a deceiving one: Besides being a mastering-ear for a couple of cologne-based labels, an occasional sound-designer for Native Instruments and a tight Remixer & Producer running his new Toyhouse "Fat Of Excellence", he is currently working on a sick 12" for NY-based Co.Ad Audio (Unit's, Velapene Screen's & Datach' I's Label), producing twila.too´s debut album, plus he might blew your amp with his forthcoming Suburban Trash / Serve & Destroy Album "Second Wind Phenomenon" which he has announced to be „one hell of an electronic visual-acoustical Sci-Fi-ride featuring some very special guests not to be so much expected...“ Out on 15th of May 2006.

April will most likely see the next issue of Active Underground's limited series: AUX2, holding the repress of AU03 and AU04 plus 2 new cuts. Also just finished is a remix for I:Gor's new 12" due on Strike records. If you want to hear this sick motherfucker before it hits the shelves go to MySpace here and play that "Sick Fuck".

Beside all those odd release news i am telling you about some of our peeps who are currently touring their asses off or will so very soon. Check out the nice people from BugKIinik who just started to tour with Ceephax Acid Crew, Line47, Rusuden and labelhead X&trick. Click their toursite here and see if they're gonna invade a town near you! X&trick will also join me on our forthcoming Japan tour this May. Details will be up in the LIVE section very soon. And not to forget our man Sunao Inami (Electr-Ohm, JP) who's around Switzerland basically. He's gonna be back this August so hopefully then its your chance to catch up with him.



January 2006

We do not sleep ... just beeing busy all the time. Finally here are some news to start off the new year!

Sti021 Cycheouts Ghost was released last week of december 2005 and should have reached most distributors and shops by now. A blending mix of Jungle, Breakcore, Grime and much more packed onto 2 hot plates. Check out the Vikalpa album in the mailorder by clicking here. And of course you can have a listen to their brandnew CD album release due on ROMZ records Tokyo.

Next up will be Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave, a new project by 2 maniacs: Bong-Ra and Sickboy! You know what happens when gravediggers like them team up for some bloody productions ... currently playing out a few shows. Samples are up in the mailorder section and the final record should be available in early february!!

And more on the release tip: Escape Now! finally delivered the audio masters for his forthcoming debut 12" via the Bohnerwachs label this year. Its a damn good electronica release and there will be a releaseshow probably. Oh and btw he got a track on the Sleepy City CD compilation as well as a video on the fantastic Microscope Session DVD all featured in the mailorder.

Decembers Voxxx birthday was totally massive and now you can download the livesets of Drop The Lime, Aaron Spectre and Noize Creator. Click the LIVE page and dont forget to turn up the volume!!

Lotsa cool people will be on tour within the first 3 or 4 months of 2006. So please get in touch if you are a promoter or want to setup a show or simply have some questions ... Com.A, Ove-Naxx, Sunao Inami, 8FM, Peace Off feat. Krumble, Rotator and Cardopusher plus BugKlinik's 50ft Sound System feat. Ceephax Acid Crew, Line47, Rusuden and X&trick. Yeah!! You better write now to

more news will be added very soon ... stay tuned!



November 2005

A new site and a new Mailorder. What else do you want? Some new features were added to the shopsystem so check 'em all out ... there is a description of how to use the shop and all that so dont be afraid. Oh and btw within the next weeks i will be uploading soundclips for most of the featured releases so stay tuned!

Also new is the third and final installment in the Polymorphik series (Puzzling, Belgium). Its the remix edition and holds tracks
by X&trick, Etschaberry, A.L.F., Noize Creator, Ucture, E25 Corporate, Xanopticon and Skuege. Ltd. edition comes in marvelous blue vinyl. Check it out in the Mailorder.

Upcoming shows in Belgium, Chemnitz (very special Voxxx event) and another nice night of electronics in Dresden all this december. Proper news with all important infos can be found on the LIVE page as well as some downloadable livesets from past shows ... yeah!

One of the last releases for this year will be the Cycheouts Ghost album "Vikalpa" which is making the round on whitelabel since summer ... Sti021!

Finally the work on the Escape Now! debut 12" is nearly done. This glorious electronica twelve will be released Spring 2006.

December will also bring a new release on the Russian Roulette label. Bong-Ra and Sickboy team up as the 'Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave'! Infosheet and preview clips to follow soon ...